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5 Best Fighting Games You Can Play on PC/Steam

game fighting is one of the genre which is quite old in the gaming world and remains popular to this day. No wonder, because it doesn’t exist anymore genre where you can fist fight using powerful attacks and moves. But behind the fun, game fighting It also has a pretty deep mechanic, making genre this is a branch esports.

Generally, game fighting more often available at console. But now there are many games fighting which is also available on PC via Steam. Here are five of them.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

Street Fighter is one of the game series fighting the oldest in the world today, and also one of the most popular. This series is one of the causes of its popularity genre game fightingboth casual as well as in the realm esports. Even though it has gone through many versions, this game also still has the distinctive characters that have existed for a long time, plus new characters that keep popping up.

For gameplay, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition tends to be slow and at first glance looks very defensive.

But actually this game puts a lot of emphasis on execution, prediction, and taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes. Combo in this game is also quite short and minimal improv. This means that when playing a character you have to know combo that you can pull out, and execute it perfectly.

Download Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on Steam – Rp319,999,-

Tekken 7

Same as Street Fighter, Tekken is one of the oldest series in the game world fighting. The game also has a number of characters iconic which remains to this day, plus several new characters in the last series, Tekken 7.

Fundamentally, Tekkenincluding Tekken 7 have gameplay which is faster than Street Fighter and three-dimensional alias has features sidestep as a move option.

Combo in this game is longer because you can do juggle against the opponent. Interaction with walls and playing fields also makes combo in this game can be extended even further. Because of that, series Tekken tend to be more aggressive and focus on how to get combo starter you.

Download Tekken 7 on Steam – IDR 420,000,-

Soulcalibur VI

Although not as popular Tekken and Street Fighter, Soulcalibur is a series that is quite well known among game fans fighting. latest version, Soulcalibur VI, just released last October 2022. The game also has enough original characters iconicand often enter guest characters like Geralt from The Witcher and 2B of Nier: Automata.

Similar to Tekken 7, Soulcalibur VI also three-dimensional. But in this game sidestep easier to use. Because of that sidestep more often used both to attack and defend / dodge. Combo in the game is also relatively shorter.

Download Soul Calibur VI on Steam – Rp550.000,-

Dragon Ball FighterZ

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a lot of games fighting that uses a series character Dragon Ball. However Dragon Ball FighterZ is the best and most successful, with beautiful graphics and also gameplay the fun one. No wonder even though it is not yet a year old, this game already has big tournaments in various countries.

In this game, you will play with a team of three characters and beat the opposing team. You will often engage in punches and attacks in the air and use combo length plus special moves not just one, but three characters at a time.

Download Dragon Ball FighterZ on Steam – Rp590,000,-

Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR

Guilty Gear is one of the series anime fighter which is quite popular among fans sub-genre this. Each character in the game is an original character with their own unique appearance and character in their moves.

Because it has many very different characters, combo for each of these characters is also very different. But almost everything requires input and accurate execution. While it’s quite fun, keep in mind that the game is quite difficult to master.

Download Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR on Steam – Rp199,999,-

Many more games fighting which you can find on Steam, and there will be more in the future.