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5 Android Gacha Games that are suitable for those of you who often get dregs

Like to play games gacha on Android but unfortunately you’re the one who’s always unlucky? Hope hockey but often get dregs? Maybe this could be a solution!

Games gacha actually not a genre. This term is just a popular designation because actually gacha is a type of game vending machine with the toy stuffed egg which is famous in Japan.

Games gacha eventually developed into a feature in various games, ranging from RPG, action, simulator and so forth. Usually this game is very popular in Indonesia mobile platforms like Android.

Well this time we will discuss various games gacha which is very suitable for those of you who often get dregs, aka very rarely get at least rate SSR. Yes, let’s just go check!

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1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

You know the game Yu-Gi-Oh! in the category? Yepto get a certain card you have to withdraw gacha. You can draw gacha by buying directly using the original currency or using gem.

There are a lot of rate in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, from Normal rate (N), rare (R), super rare (SR) and Ultra Rare (UR). System gacha in Yu-Gi-Oh this is quite unique, so you don’t have to be afraid that you will never get a UR card.

The reason is, every Box that you get, will give you one UR card of choice, for example Blue Eyes White Dragon. One box contains at least 80-100s booster which means, unfortunately, you will get a UR card at 100 withdrawals.

Does that mean we can only have one UR card? Certainly not! You can do a Reset Box which makes the number of booster return to origin, and have a chance to get a UR card from a different set.

The trick is to do this, if you have got the desired UR card, you can immediately Reset Box without having to wait booster finished.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links – Android

2. King’s Raid

Types of games idle RPG this is friendly enough for you players who often get dregs.

King’s Raid is an RPG game with style art design as anime. The interesting thing about King’s Raid is the system gacha-which is not “troublesome.”

Gacha only applies to getting weapons and treasure which can be used as equip to increase the strength of your hero character.

The only strongest weapon in games this is called Unique Weaponsnamely certain weapons that can only be used by certain heroes.

Do not have Unique Weapons? It doesn’t matter, because the hero you have can stay strong.

Besides that, you can also get Unique Weapons without having to pull gacha. You can buy it with coin arena, These coins can also be obtained by playing the PVP feature in the game arena.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: King’s Raid – Android

3. Food Fantasy

Food Fantasy – Android

4. Sdorica -Sunset-

If you like playing games casual but there are RPG elements in it, Sdorica is a very suitable game.

Sdorica is an RPG game match three. To issue skillsyou have to match orb which is available. Sdorica has a graphic design that is quite unique for an RPG game.

This game also has a system gacha which is very friendly to the gamer which often get dregs. Although you can get a character with rate SSR (equivalent to UR), you can also get it without having to gacha.

Each character can beupgrade to rate SSR with method Resonancei.e. collecting various materials Resonance in order to go up to rate SSR. The higher it is ratethe character you have will get an upgrade skills.

Has no character rate SSR? No need to worry because your character can still be strong with a high level though rate-its still N!

DOWNLOAD LINKS: Sdorica -Sunset- – Android

5. Revolve8

If you have ever played Clash Royale, then you will get used to playing this game. Revolve8 is a game real-time strategy which is simpler.

In this game you only need to take out your inner troops deck you to attack the enemy base. You can take out heroes, minions, magic, and so on to attack or maybe defend against enemy attacks.

Revolve8 doesn’t force you to do gacha, because you can still get SSR characters from playing bonuses. Besides, when you were a small level, gacha what you get will also not be as good gacha which has a high level.

Therefore, when you are still a small level, it is better for you leveling just to get a high level. When it’s a high level, then be satisfied and interesting gacha.

The SSR character you have also doesn’t guarantee you will definitely win. There are several characters with rate R which you can also set according to your strategy so you can win. So basically, the better the strategy, the more likely it is to win.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: Revolve8 – Android

Well that’s a variety of games gacha which is very suitable for those of you who often get dregs, aka not having a level hockey tall one. Do you have any other game recommendations? Come on share!