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4 Signs Esports Can Become A Major Sports Commodity

Talk about esports, will of course be related to sports. Although esports not a sport that relies so heavily on physicality, but it’s still fun to watch and there are signs esports will be the main “commodity”.

Now,about anything that makes a sign esports will become a major sports entertainment commodity? Let’s check it out!

1. Esports Fans Continue to Increase

Did you know that fans or even fans esports always increasing from year to year? This is based on data released by Newzoo.

In 2022, fans esports has a number of up to 160 million people. This figure is actually quite a lot for the start of the industry esports.

In 2022, the number of fans esports again increased by 19.2% and has the possibility of continuing to increase to 307 million people in 2022.

2. Esports Events Are Also Increasing in Number

When early esports started to be encouraged, actually there have been many events esports which is held. Such as The International DOTA 2 Championship, League of Legends World Championship, Major Tournaments (CS:GO) and so on.

Until now event esports turns out to be increasing. It can be seen from the increasing number of events esports in Indonesia, which is also sponsored by various companies, such as Kratingdaeng Indonesia Esports, Ultime Hombre AXIS, IEG (Indonesian Esports Games), Indonesian Games Championship and so on.

3. Esports Enters Local Television

Source: My World

Esports also recently entered a local television station. All this time though esports can still only be seen through channels which can only be accessed via the internet.

With entry esports into local television broadcasts shows that ordinary audiences have also begun to be interested in watching esports. Of course this is a sign esports will become one of the commodities of entertainment.

4. Big Institutions Joining Esports

This is actually very surprising. There are so many big institutions, both of which are involved in the industry gamingeven an industry that has absolutely nothing to do with gaming also plunged in esports.

One example that has recently been hot is the group idol JKT48 and girl group Cherrybelle who formed a team esports. Even recently, it was also viral that PT. KAI forms a team esports named Loko.

Do not want to miss also PT. Wijaya Karya (WIKA) also made a tweet containing the team esports those who managed to enter the seventh rank in the match esports.

Previously, several large institutions had also dived into esportslike KFC who also formed a team esports themselves. There are also several companies/institutions that do not form teams directly, but only provide sponsors such as Go-Jek, Telkomsel, XL and so on.

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Well that’s the various signs esports will become our entertainment commodity with the theme of sports. Maybe in the future, the children’s dream is not only to become a big businessman or president but also to be an athlete esports.