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4 Facts That Will Make E3 2022 Different From Last Year

E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is a world exhibition event, which contains exhibitions about all kinds of entertainment in the form of electronics, especially video games. E3 2022 is also coming soon.

E3 has been running for 23 years since 1995. Usually this event is held in the city of Los Angeles, California, United States.

E3 is often filled with a lot of people developer nor publisher which has indeed produced many AAA class games. Not only that, developer console also attended such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

The number of “phenomena” that occurred at the end of this year, it looks like E3 2022 will not be the same as E3 in 2022 yesterday.

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Well this time we will discuss various facts that make E3 2022 maybe different from last year. Come on check!

1. Sony Won’t Come

A surprise from Sony which is often the dominant one among console gamers. Usually Sony floods a variety of exclusive games every E3 event. Unfortunately at E3 2022, Sony decided not to attend.

What is the reason? There is no official word on why Sony is not present at E3 next year. This lack of clarity makes a lot of speculation circulating among people gamer. One of them is that Sony wants to surprise with the presence of the Playstation 5.

There are also those who speculate in a negative direction. Speculators who give these negative arguments tend to think that Sony is running out of ammunition to show off their various exclusive games for the next event.

2. Square Enix lost its director

Recently, there was “sad news” from Square Enix regarding the resignation of Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata on October 31, 2022. Tabata resigned from both Square Enix and Final Fantasy XV developer Studio Luminous Productions.

Final Fantasy XV itself is one of a series of various Final Fantasy. Even so, Final Fantasy has different storylines so you don’t need to play the first Final Fantasy series to understand this Final Fantasy XV storyline.

Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) was quite successful when the PS4 version was released. Square Enix also promised a DLC that would surprise FFXV fans. Unfortunately, the promise will most likely be just a promise because of the director’s resignation.

3. Kojima and his “Cheating” Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima, who is famous for his various Metal Gear series last year, has always been in the news, regarding his dispute with Konami.

The dispute seems to be due to Kojima’s idealism which is no longer compatible with Konami, which eventually led to Kojima leaving Konami.

The retreating Kojima didn’t just stop there. Instead of retiring from the game world, Kojima actually formed his own game studio under the name Kojima Production.

Source: IGN

Kojima Production is developing a horror game (possibly too action) named Death Stranding. Kojima is full of mysteries and riddles, it is very suitable if developing a horror game full of mystery and riddle.

Death Stranding has only appeared trailers which also caused a lot of speculation but still left a mysterious impression. Maybe this game will be showcased in full at E3 2022.

4. Xbox Scarlett, which is expected to be a competitor for PS5

Source: ExtremeTech

Xbox Scarlett is a project console latest from Microsoft. Console this is indeed predicted to be a competitor to the PS5, there is also a lot of speculation about the specifications of this Xbox Scarlett.

A more realistic graphic display until it disappears slots for disc. Sony’s absence at E3, will give Microsoft an advantage to introduce Xbox Scarlett!