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4 Easy Ways to Know the Position of the Enemy in Free Fire

Free Fire has items, each of which has a different function. The items and their features will support the gameplay. This article will discuss how to find out the enemy’s position in Free Fire. Anything? the following in full.

How to Easily Know the Position of the Enemy in Free Fire

1. With the help of a scanner or scanner

how to find out the enemy's position in Free Fire

The way to find out the position of the first enemy is with the help of a scanner or scanner. This item is in loadout. Players can bring the scanner from the menu loadout. This item can only be used the first time when getting off the plane.

Players can find out the number of people still on the plane when it descends. Enemies are marked with a red indicator on the map. This effect will disappear once the player lands on the ground.

At the beginning of the game, looting becomes important. This scanner will help players know the location of the enemy so they can land in a safe place to collect loot.

2. How to Easily Know the Position of the Enemy in Free Fire With UAV Drones

uav drone drones

This item is equipped with the ability to detect the location of players in its range. For players who like to play bars, this drone can be your personal assistant. Playing squads with this item is also quite exciting because there will be many surprising moments shown by the UAV drone.

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3. Using Moco Skills

moco skills

This Free Fire character has the ability to mark enemies for a few seconds. This really helps to win the game. Because of that, Moco is very suitable to be paired with long-range type weapons like sniper.

From a distance, moco will monitor and mark the enemy that is the target of a team. Amazingly, the marked enemy remains visible even though he is hiding behind cover. However, to be able to mark, the enemy must be hit first.

4. Using the Clu Karakter Character

clu free fire

This time it’s not an item, it’s a skill. One of the characters equipped with the ability to detect enemies is Clu. This character can detect enemies in the vicinity. The existence of the enemy can also be known by his teammates.

Clu can know the enemy’s position within a few meters where they are not in a crouched or prone position. This skill is called Tracking Step.

Well, those are a number of things that help determine the enemy’s position in Free Fire. How? Do you often use it? Continue to visit champions and follow our Instagram to get interesting information about esports.