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3 Ways to Use Brawler Bull in Brawl Stars Well and Correctly

Brawler Bull is one of the Brawlers that is often used because everyone can get it by leveling up players.

Despite having a rarity rate commonbut Bull is quite popular because of its ability to have a strong attack power and have HP (Health Points) which is great too.

Bull is a Brawler with a shape like a motorcycle gang. Big body, in black clothes, carrying triple barrel shotgun, has hair like a thug in Japan and has a ring on his nose like a bull. Yes, maybe that’s why he was called Bull.

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1. Bull Expert in Melee Attack

yep, Bull is a Brawler that has a melee attack type. The attack that the Bull has is only felt if the enemy is in a very close distance.

Bull’s attack is not that big when viewed in numbers. If you have a level 1 Bull, then you only have an attack power of 400 damage.

It’s just that, if we understand the mechanism, the Bull has 5 attack projectiles, at close range automatically all these projectiles will hit the enemy, which means one attack will be hit. damage as big as 5x! Therefore, try to attack in very close range.

Enemy too far? Calm down you can chase him by using Super Attack. Bull has a Super Attack in the form of butting, you can direct it at the enemy or in any direction you want.

2. Don’t be afraid to die

Brawler Bull does have a large body, very easy to attack from enemies. Take it easy, because Bull has a large HP.

You can also use Bull’s Super Attack to escape. As already mentioned in the first point, Super Attack Bull is running headlong like a bull. You can use it to run from enemy pursuit.

3. Important Strategy Using Bull

Even though the Bull has a large HP level, it doesn’t mean you can blindly advance towards the enemy. There is still a strategy that needs to be implemented.

Try to find grass when using Bull. This is to give Surprise Attack and can give a little shock therapy to the enemy.

The most difficult thing to use Bull is to chase the enemy, therefore it is necessary to use the grass to be able to approach the enemy and give a “surprise”.

So those are 3 ways to use Brawler Bull properly and correctly. If you have input for using Bull, please comment below.