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3 Ways to Make Expensive Equipment in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Items expensive sales have become commonplace in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Usually items it has a high rarity rate. How about equip expensive?

equip expensive, of course, has a high level of scarcity as well. Whereas equip This is very much needed, especially for some job.

One example is the Nile Bracelet or Fairy in the Bottle which can only be obtained from MVP bosses.

How can you make items which is actually not so rare, can be very expensive. How to? bye let’s just talk about it!

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1. Upgrade Refining

The most basic way to make equip expensive is to level up refining. This level is indicated by the number + in front of the name of equip.

Upgrades it will increase level refine attackwhere is this type of attack in nature pure damagewhich means you can earn damage without having to be reduced by defense from the enemy.

Of course the higher the level refine getting bigger too damage that can be generated.

2. Enchantment

Enchantment not enhancement existing attributes in equip items you, but addition certain attributes at random to equip that you have.

There are different ways to do Enchantment. You didn’t come to the NPC blacksmithbut rather come to the cat NPC enchanter in the city of Geffen at 12 o’clock.

To do Enchantment, you have to carry out the mission from the cat first. There are 3 types of Enchantment, Beginner Enchantment, Intermediate Enchantment and Advanced Enchantment.

Enchantments are random, so if you are lucky, you will get additional status attributes that can make your character very strong.

If you can get a very good attribute, automatically equip you will have a high selling point and will become equip which is very expensive.

This second method is actually easier, but requires a high level of luck!

3. Add Card Slot

Apart from these two methods, one last way is to add slots card in equip you. Unfortunately this method also has a high cost.

Why is that? This is because to be able to add one card slot in a card slot equipment, you need 10 equip the same to be sacrificed.

Imagine if equip which will add the slot has a very expensive price? Of course you have to spend a lot of money just to add slots card.

Well that’s the various ways to make equip expensive that you can sell in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Remember, the more expensive a itemswill be more difficult items what you sell will sell.

“It’s not that easy Ferguso!”