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3 Tips to Save and Maximize Income at Artifact

Artifact lets you sell and buy cards on the Steam Market. If you have a high-priced card from the first time you play, you can get back the IDR 300,000 you spent on buying this card game from Valve.

In the long run, if you can continue to add to your collection at minimal or even zero cost, you can get rich just from this game. The question is, how? Besides that, how can you play this game without spending too much money?

Well, in this article we will give you some tips for optimizing your economy in terms of: Artifact.

1. Good at Expert Draft = Rich

Besides buying directly with money, the only way to get card pack when your collection is very minimal is to play Expert Draft. If you’re good at playing in this mode, you should be able to collect cards easily.

To play in Expert Draft, you have to pay with a ticket. When you first play Artifact you should get five free tickets to enter the Expert Draft.

In this Draft mode, you will form deck from a number of card options on offer. After that you have to play against other players. The draft ends if you get five wins or two losses. If your record is good, you will get back the ticket you used plus one or two card pack.

If you are good at playing in Expert Draft, you should be able to infinite alias never run out of tickets without having to have a complete collection. From there slowly but surely you will get card pack to complete a collection or for sale.

Expert Draft, be it Phantom or Keeper, is a tough mode. All players will play super seriously with deck strongest they could make. If you’re still not ready, you can practice Casual Phantom Draft for free but without any rewards.

2. Out of Tickets? Buy Cards to Recycle

You may occasionally be unlucky when playing Expert Draft and lose all the tickets you have. To be able to access Expert Draft again, you can buy it with money.

However, there are cheaper ways to get tickets than buying them in person.

In Artifact, you can turn a total of 20 cards into one ticket. You can throw away cards that you don’t need or have very low selling prices. If you feel sorry for destroying your own card, destroy someone else’s.

If you visit Steam Market for Artifact, you will find many people selling cheap cards for around Rp. 400 to Rp. 500. Buy 20 cards with similar prices (not necessarily the same), then Recycle to be used as tickets.

This method is cheaper than buying tickets directly. The cheapest price when buying tickets is IDR 71,000 for five tickets. This means that one ticket has a price of approximately Rp. 14,000. Meanwhile, to buy 20 super cheap cards, you only need around IDR 8,000 to IDR 10,000.

3. Always Pay Attention to Market Prices

Okay, now that you can manage tickets for Expert Draft, it’s time to move to the selling cards section.

Card price Artifact in the Steam Market will always change. For example, Ax once stepped on the price of Rp. 300,000 when the game was first released. But a week later the price dropped, but it was still very expensive at IDR 250,000.

Because market conditions are always changing, you are certainly advised to be diligent in monitoring the price of the card you have. Sell ​​your rare card if the price goes up, hold it if nothing happens, but sell immediately if the price continues to fall.

Similar to stock exchange or auction? Wellbecause that’s basically what the Steam Market is like.

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In the end, just like any other card game, complete the collection in Artifact for free still need time and qualified expertise. But at least now you know that there is a way to complete the collection or even get a profit on it Artifact with minimal capital.

Main image source: Danidem