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3 Tips for "Exploiting" Pets Working in Ragnarok M to Get Rich Quick!

Pets in Ragnarok M are indeed very useful. Besides you can be accompanied by your Pet on an adventure and hunting monsters, you can also order your Pets of various kinds.

Pets in Ragnarok M can be ordered to work which later all the results of the Pet’s hard work, will be given to the master. Besides that, you can also tell your pet to be able to go on their own adventure, commonly called a Pet Adventure.

Now, you can follow the following tips, so that you can maximize the exploitation of the Pets in your Ragnarok M and you can save time in exploiting. Yes, let’s just check below!

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1. Try to have at least 3 pets

Be grateful for the Pet system in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, you can have more than one Pet. You can even have dozens of pets, as long as you do Inventory you are enough for that.

Then why do we have to have at least 3 Pets? Yes, like we have a production business. The more employees, the more possibilities you can get rewards.

Not only that, you also need a lot of Pets for Adventure, there are even adventure which takes up to 3 Pets for one go.

2. Increase Intimacy To The Maximum (10)

Intimacy is the degree to which you are close to your Pet. You can increase the level of Intimacy by doing “Pet” or stroke the pet’s head, feed it, invite it hunting with you.

Why do we have to increase the level of Intimacy to the maximum? This is because of the bonus buff, when the Pet works. Bonus buff this will increase efficiency in work and increase the possibility of getting items rewards after work or Pet Adventure.

3. Click Pet to Get Adventure Meatball

Well this is items the most important. Adventure Meatball is needed to order your Pet to go on an adventure on their own.

In addition, Adventure Meatball is also needed to buy various items which is very useful. Like the Time Rift Grail which is useful for completing Time Rift instantly.

How to get Adventure Meatball quickly and easily, by clicking or tap to the pet that you take for a walk every day

Usually Pets will give Adventure Meatball 16 to 32 pieces per day or even more if you are lucky.

Bonus: Don’t Be Idle

To be sure, do not let your Pet idle. Keep telling them to work when they aren’t being used. For example, after a Pet has finished doing a Pet Adventure, you can immediately tell them to work at the Pet Labor Shop.

Prioritize working at the Item Shop and Kafra co, because both of these places have rewards the best compared to other shops.

Don’t have Pet Labor yet? You have to finish quest Pet first when your level is above 30.