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3 Alternatives to Get Raccoon Leaf at Ragnarok M

Raccoon Leaf is one of the items which is very important in Ragnarok M. Items This is obtained from a Mini Boss named Smokie, a monster that looks like a raccoon.

What are the uses of Raccoon Leaf? It turns out items this is a items materials that are needed to complete the mission when going to level up Adventure Level F to Adventure Level E. In addition items This is also needed to make a headwear.

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So many people are after Smokie, that in the end it is very difficult to hunt this monster and very difficult to get Raccoon Leaf.

Now for those of you who find it difficult to hunt Smokies, it turns out that there is an alternative way for those of you who want to immediately get Raccoon Leaf without having to hunt Smokies. Yes, just go ahead, let’s check below!

1. Pet Adventure Prontera Area

One of the most efficient ways is to have your Pet Adventure in the Prontera area. There are two areas, namely Prontera South Gate and Prontera West Gate for your Pet to work on.

Every Adventure, you will definitely get one chest which will give the possibility drop Raccoon Leaf. Yes, it’s possible that it’s random or not for sure you’ll get it from chest the. It’s just that the possibility of getting Raccoon Leaf can be greater than having to look for Smokies.

2. Endless Tower

If your character is tall enough, you can try Endless Tower. If you are lucky, you can find Smokie in Endless Tower.

Endless Tower itself is located in the Prontera Area by going to Izlude and talking to the NPC who can take you to the Ghost Ship. It’s just that, you ask to be delivered to Endless Island.

Endless Tower will usually spawn various monsters, including Miniboss monsters and MVPs, so you have the possibility to meet Smokies and get items Raccoon Leaf from him.

3. Buy on Exchange

Yes, this is the last way and the most “sultan” way. You can buy Raccoon Leaf on the Exchange, unfortunately you have to buy it at a high price.

The last time the author saw the price items this on Exchange is already around 700,000 zeny. The huge amount of zeny is even enough to raise your weapon to +6 tier.

So, those are various alternative ways for you, if you haven’t gotten the Raccoon Leaf yet. This method is also very effective, if you don’t subscribe to Premium, because Smokie is included in the Miniboss category, which means it’s only present if you use Premium.