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11 Light Minecraft Shaders For Your Low End PC or Potatoes

The graphics of Minecraft do have graphics that are considered ordinary and not wow. But did you know there are MOD Shaders that can change the graphics in the Minecraft game to be more beautiful.

But various MOD shaders are known to have a fairly heavy load for your hardware, but on the other hand there are still many shaders that can improve Minecraft graphics but are relatively light. Here are 11 Minecraft Shaders That Are Counted Light For Your Potato PC.

1. Chocapic13’s Shaders Lite

Minecraft Shaders Lite

These shaders present several features that can beautify your minecraft game. Among them are graphic improvements where everything feels sharper, the movement of the leaves, to the change of day and night.

But the most unique thing here is that these Shaders have a High Performance or Lite version which even using the Intel HD620 manages to run around 40 to 50FPS. For the original version of Chocapic itself, it can also run well for low end PCs with the condition that the shader settings are changed to low.

2. Waving Plant Shaders

Shaders Minecraft Waving Plants

One of the shaders that can be considered quite light, because as the name suggests, these shaders only focus on the movement of plants. So you will see the movement of each leaf in the game blowing in the wind.