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10 Tips That Help You Play Fallout 76

Series Fallout 76 this time for the first time, Bethesda Game Studios has finally developed a series Fallout which can be played online online multiplayer. You can play individually or with your friends up to three people.

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Here are 10 tips to help you play Fallout 76 from survival, weapon modification, and getting Power Armor:

1. Scrap and Stash

As time goes on, you will find and bring more junk (garbage) on every trip. Well, you don’t have to save all junk this is because every junk carried will provide a burden.

Use crafting station closest to do Scrap All Junk which will give you new components and reduce excess weight.

You can save this component in camp through stash which can later be used to build Missile Launcher.

2. Read Your Recipes

Recipes used to make weapons, armor, foodand building parts the new one. Recipes these you can find as you travel, buy them from tradersor get it from quest rewards.

After having recipesmake sure you read it in the notes section to open it in crafting station. Keep in mind, you can’t make two of the same components but you can give them to your teammates.

3. Bulk Up

When your components in the stash are full, you can sell them to robot vendors. The problem is, robot vendors It does not accept goods such as wood or steel.

The solution, you can visit Tinker’s Station to make Bulk Items wrap it with plastic and other components.

The weight of the components is indeed not light, but at least you can sell these components to vendors to make your storage space more spacious.

4. Friends with Benefits

Fallout 76 will be much more fun if played together with your friends. Have friends in Fallout 76 itself has many advantages.

If your friends are on the same server whether it’s in one team or playing in different teams, you can do fast travel to their location. Very practical. Haha. Don’t forget to put your CAMP in several scattered places to make it easier fast travel.

5. Filtering Perks

When your character level up, you can increase one point in SPECIAL Stat according to your wish and you can also use cards perk in addition to skills.

Use filter controls at the bottom of the screen to see other options by status, cost, or recently added. Card perk you can save this if you choose to increase the status in the skills another.

6. Weapon Scrapping

You will get a lot loot for weapons when successfully killing enemies like Scorched or Super Mutants. You can get this weapon scrap in workstation to be broken down into components.

Scrap on weapons and armor alone can open the menu recipes new ones that can modify items to increase their power.

7. Claim Your Power Armor

It can be said that, Power Armor is a dream for every player. The problem is what if you and your team only find one?

Tips-his, you can access Power Armor Frame if your character already has a high enough level.

If not, press the button item transfer to move parts Power Armor into the inventory and then you can go inside Chassis Power Armor.

After you log in, chassis it will not be able to be used by others. However, after a few minutes, chassis and armor existing ones will automatically be saved back to inventory.

8. Workshop Rewards

To get public workshopyou have to clear the location of the enemy, spend some caps to claim the place, and defend it from enemy attacks or other players.

Claim public workshop can improve ability crafting and get extra building plans as water purifiers to filter the water.

9. Fast Food

The key to survival is food. You can collect meat and other ingredients after killing enemies which can later be cooked into food.

Note that raw foods such as meat or vegetables will spoil quickly. You have to cook it as quickly as possible so you won’t run out of food!

10. Home Away from Home

When you move the CAMP, all building structures will be saved in the form Blueprint so you can quickly rebuild it.

CAMP also allows you to access Stash as a container to store items collected during the trip. Stash can also be found at Train Stations and Red Rocket Stations.

Source: IGN