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10 Best Indie Games on PC/Steam

game indie it doesn’t have the graphics quality or the size of the game as large and wide as AAA games. No wonder considering the game studio indie usually have limited resources, both in terms of costs, people, and other development assets.

Even so, there are many games indie which is of high quality. Not only that, game indie always try to challenge status quo and create games with unique ideas and ideas. That way the experience you get is also different from playing AAA games.

A more open PC is platform which is heaven for game studios indie. On Steam alone, there are many games indie which you can find and try. Here are 10 recommended games indie the best you can find on Steam right now.

Stardew Valley

If you like Playstation games Harvest Moon: Back to Nature first, you should like with Stardew Valley.

This game has all the nostalgic things you’re looking for. Manage your grandfather’s legacy farm, make friends with the villagers, get a mate, and become a successful farmer who is well received by the villagers.

Stardew Valley not only re-raised all the elements Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, but also perfect it. Some bugs such as limited bag inventory were fixed, then various new content such as combat also added.

Everything is presented in cute pixel graphics, and everything is done by just one person. Bravo!

Download Stardew Valley on Steam – Rp115.999,-

Into The Breach

Into The Breach is a game developed by Subset Games, the studio that also developed Faster Than Light. That means the games they present are guaranteed to have a fairly high level of difficulty.

ala Pacific Rimyou have to save the city from giant monster attacks with robots mecha. Even if your playing area is just an 8×8 grid, Into The Breach requires a well-thought-out strategy.

Each robot has its own abilities, as well as the monsters that attack. Not only that, each mission asks you to complete specific objectives while of course protecting the city. This means that in one map, you have to pay attention to three things, namely the mission, the safety of the city, and the safety of your own pilot.

Each game session you can finish quickly and you can leave the game at any time to continue later. But once you die, you have to start over. There is no mercy for those who go wrong.

Download Into The Breach on Steam – Rp95.999,-


Celeste is a game platform with very simple pixel graphics. But behind its simplicity, this game has many qualities that make it worthy of being best game nominations of 2022.

control system in Celeste very simple but accurate. You have to pass obstacles and climb mountains by jumping, dashand climb.

But make no mistake, every session platform in Celeste very challenging. You will die hundreds to thousands of times. Luckily you went straight respawn quickly to try again.

Coupled with good music, plus very relevant themes, stories and characters, this game is a must-have for those of you who like platformer challenging.

Download Celeste on Steam – Rp135.999,-

Hollow Knight

If you are looking for a game metroidvania with a tense atmosphere and have a high level of difficulty, Hollow Knight is the game for you.

With dark cartoon graphics, you will play as a nameless knight exploring and unraveling the mystery behind a dead kingdom. Along the way, you will get various power ups which makes you stronger or can overcome more obstacles.

Hollow Knight very focused on mechanics combat or fight. Along the way you will face a variety of enemies and bosses, each with unique and fast attacks. Even some of the most difficult levels in the game require you to master the mechanics combat which exists perfectly.

So far, Hollow Knight has released four expansions, each with new challenges that are certainly difficult but fun. This makes your investment in buying the game worth the experience you get.

Download Hollow Knight on Steam – Rp115.999,-

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a combination of action platformer, rogue-liteand metroidvania. This combination turns into a very fun game and can be played as a short spare time filler.

You play as a cell that takes the form of a human. With the weapons you find along the way, you will have to pass through various areas full of dangerous enemies.

The game is quite difficult with the many enemies you face and the lack of numbers heal. Not only that, once you die you have to go back to playing from the beginning. Fortunately, there are many types of weapons that you can choose according to your playing style.

The only thing you have to worry about is whether you get the weapons you want or not, either those scattered in various places or the ones you can buy.

Download Dead Cells on Steam – Rp149,999,-


If we discuss the game indie, the work of Supergiant Games is definitely obligatory for us to discuss. Since each of the games made by this studio is so good, in this list we will choose the most recent one which is Pyre.

In Pyreyou are the one who guides the group exile or exiled persons to be released one by one. The trick is to do and win Rite, aka three-on-three basketball against the group exile another.

Yes, if explained briefly, Pyre is a three-on-three sports game with a stellar ritual pack. But behind gameplay and its simple premise, the game has lots of unique dynamics.

When you start playing, you will feel that the game is quite easy. Over time, your opponents will start to get smarter and you’ll need to be able to master the moves of each of your team’s unique characters. Composing the ideal formation with each character then becomes very important.

Added with story telling and visual novel-style character development, Pyre serving fusion gameplay strategic and emotional in a unique way. Suitable for those of you who like challenging games with diverse and interesting characters.

Download Pyre on Steam – Rp108,999


Inside is the second game by Playdead Studio, the developer who created Limbo. This second game also has genre the same, that is platformer puzzles.

Same as Limbo, you play as a nameless child stranded in a forest. Along the way, you will meet obstacles and people who want to kill you. Your task is to overcome these obstacles in order to move forward.

With the condition “everything in here will kill you”, Inside has a gloomy and mysterious feel. But not like Limbo presented in black and white silhouette graphics, Inside has a smoother color, shape, and character movement. Unfortunately that doesn’t make the atmosphere in the game any happier

Download Inside on Steam – Rp135.999,-

The Witness

When you start playing The Witness, you will probably take the game for granted puzzle this. Reasonable for some puzzle the beginning of the game only asks you to make pathing simple on every available screen.

But the further you walk in the open world The Witness, puzzle what you find will be more difficult. You’re still making pathing right on every screen you come across. The problem, like what pathing you have to find the truth from observations that are sometimes unthinkable.

Puzzles in this game requires not only thinking skills, but also good observation skills. Solution from puzzle What you find can be found if you stand at a certain point and face a certain direction.

Luckily, the island you explore is a beautiful place. That way your task is to activate a number of lasers by solving various puzzle less stressful.

Download The Witness on Steam – Rp269,999,-


At a glance, Undertale is an RPG game with graphics and gameplay cheap. But when you start playing, the game turns out to have a different approach than most RPGs.

Like other RPG games, Undertale have a battle system even though the shape is very unique. But even though you will meet various enemies, in this game violence is not the only way to solve problems as we often see in RPG games. You can “defeat” the enemy without having to kill him. It’s not

In this game, your morality as a player will be challenged, and each action will have long term consequences. Very, very long.

The idea that violence is not the only solution is then complemented by characters and stories that are certainly interesting. Depending on how you play, you’ll find various funny and unique interactions when you meet other characters, including enemies.

Undertale challenges you to see things from a different perspective. If not, well, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Download Undertale on Steam – Rp89,999


Don’t be fooled by the graphics you have Cuphead. Although it looks like a 1930’s cartoon, Cuphead is a game that was created in 2022 and was a huge success.

Attractiveness Cuphead not only lies in the visuals, but also gameplay. Throughout the game, you will face various kinds of bosses. Each boss must be defeated so that you can advance and face the next boss.

Simple? Wait until each boss beats you again and again. Even though it’s fun, Cuphead known for its high level of difficulty. To win against each boss, you have to attack your opponent while moving and avoiding the rain of attacks from your opponent.

This game requires movement skills and platforming qualified and definitely not for everyone. But if you like games boss rush with a high level of challenge, you have to test your skills in Cuphead.

Download Cuphead on Steam – Rp135.999,-