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Why Genshin Impact Heavy? Here's the answer

 For those of you who ask why Genshin Impact is heavy, of course, it is a very natural thing. How not, this game made by miHoYo does have a very large size for a Mobile game.

So, what makes Genshin Impact tough enough for you to play? Here's a review from Gamedaim.

Why Genshin Impact Weight?

Based on information from several sources, Genshin Impact is considered a fairly heavy game because it displays visuals that look so real. No wonder many Travelers complain that Genshin Impact is a very heavy game.

In addition, the use of the Unreal Engine which is not optimized by HoYoverse is one of the reasons why Genshin Impact is heavy. Some sources say that Unreal Engine makes Genshin Impact's performance less good. Even so, this is still only an internal test.

From these reasons, it is undeniable that Genshin Impact has now become the standard for testing various smartphones released this year.

Until now, HoYoverse has made several optimizations to Genshin Impact. This makes the game run pretty smoothly these days. Not only that, the size of the game has also decreased, especially on Android.