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Raiden Shogun C2, Should You Get It?

 For those of you who already have Raiden Shogun , you definitely want the potential of the character to come out well. Well, some travelers say that Raiden Shogun C2 has extraordinary power.

To answer this question, Gamedaim will try to review it for you. So, make sure you listen to the following article until the end, Traveler.

Raiden Shogun C2, is it necessary?

Referring to the existing data , Raiden Shogun itself is a character that can act as DPS and also Sub DPS, depending on the constellation you have. If he has Raiden Shogun C0, then he can act as a Sub DPS.

Meanwhile, Raiden Shogun C2 itself has extraordinary damage output . If you don't know, the effects of C2 Raiden Shogun are:

Steelbreaker: When Raiden Shogun is in Musou Isshin status, his attacks will ignore 60% of the opponent's Defense.

This constellation is able to provide an increase of almost 40% against enemies that Raiden Shogun faces. It's no wonder that many give recommendations to pursue C2 from Raiden Shogun.

C0 is still worthy for you to use

Raiden Shogun C2 Of Drink A-Dreaming

Just for the record, Raiden Shogun remains a worthy character for you to use in C0 only. Because, his role as a Sub DPS is still so maximum if you attach it to a team like Eula.

In addition, to chase the C2 Raiden Shogun itself requires a lot of Primogem. So, think twice before deciding to get C2 from this one character.