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Open World RPG Anime Game With Wide World

Genshin Impact is an adventurous RPG game with anime style available on PC, Playstation 4, and mobile android & iOS. Players are plunged into the fantastical world of Treyvat, which is surrounded by dazzling visual elements.

According to the miHoYo developer, Genshin Impact inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW), one of the best AAA games ever. Although at first glance they look similar, Genshin Impact is a masterpiece in itself with a unique combat system, storyline, and quest/level mechanism.


genshin impact combat

Genshin Impact brings players into a massive open-world with a storyline that is quite captivating. One of the problems with the open-world genre is that the graphics look flat. But for Genshin Impact, this is not a problem at all! While solving the mysteries of the world of Teyvat, you will find yourself admiring the scenery of the game.

Every corner of the world is filled with treasures, puzzles, and of course enemies. Players are given adventures that are abundant and not repetitive. From exploring mysterious caves, solving puzzles in the clouds, to hunting for ingredients to make dishes.

One of the things that makes this game even better is the background music. At each location, the soundtrack will change according to the atmosphere. Every note is arranged beautifully and not carelessly, making it one of the memorable things in this RPG game.


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Variation of Characters with Diversity of Elements

genshin impact elements characters

In Genshin Impact, players can form their own team with a variety of unique characters. Each has differences in terms of elements with advantages and disadvantages. Combining different elements is one strategy to defeat the enemy as well.

The more you grow, the more free characters you can get. For example, by completing the Archon quest, you can get the characters Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa.

Genshin Impact also provides a “gacha” system where players can get new characters and powerful weapons. For this, players must use in-game currency (Prismogem and Stardust) which can be purchased using micro-transactions or obtained from dungeon rewards.

Of course for the gacha system, the percentage of getting legendary items was really small. However, this is one of the elements that makes gacha so addictive.

Non-boring battles

combat genshin impact

Like RPG games in general, players must learn the mechanics of combat to fight the enemy. Well, Genshin Impact has a unique combat system. Initially, players are introduced to the basic mechanics that are easy to understand.

As you get deeper into the game, players will get additional features to make the battles more interesting.

The advantages? You will not be overwhelmed to learn the mechanics at the beginning of the game. The downside? It took quite a while to activate the feature. This feature can be activated based on Adventure Level, which is easy to level at first but gets slower/difficult to level up over time.

Exciting dungeons that are very rewarding!

genshin impact spyral abyss

Abyss Spiral is a kind of dungeon with a level / floor system. Players are given various challenges such as fighting monsters within a certain time. The deeper you go, the more difficult the difficulty, but the better the rewards.

This reward is very useful for increasing your power, from armor to materials for upgrades.

Interestingly, this Abyss Spiral system changes every month. Genshin Impact will present new rewards and monsters so they are not repetitive. But, will this hold true for the long term? We’ll see later!


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How about Multiplayer Mode?

Some of you may be interested in co-op or multiplayer. It’s fun being able to invite your friends and play together in this RPG world. Unfortunately, there are some limitations.

You cannot progress in the main storyline in multiplayer mode. Maybe it was made so that the gameplay is not too easy.

But that’s not all, players who are guests or invited can’t open treasures, make offerings to the statue of “The Seven,” or collect important items. So make sure you exchange each other as hosts to be fair.


Genshin Impact it doesn’t have features and elements like AAA Games out there. But, of course, not inferior to most RPG adventure games that have ever existed.

High-quality graphics, unique mechanics, non-repetitive content and interesting characters. MiHoYo certainly doesn’t play around with this open-world RPG game.

Most surprisingly, Genshin Impact It’s free! You also don’t have to spend any money to advance in the game. What’s more, you won’t be pelted with obscure banners (as is the case with other gacha games). Players only need to provide 12GB of size to enter this fantastic world. So there’s nothing to lose if you try, right? Ligagame is really recommended!