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New Genshin Impact Tier List April 2022!

Genshin Impact as a mobile MMOPRG-adventure offers a world of adventure in an elemental land with various hero characters. Developer miHoyo has released more than 30 hero choices to play. Among the Genshin Impact characters, which one is the best of the best? Come on, see Genshin Impact Character Tier List April 2022 the following!

Tier List of Genshin Impact Characters After Patch 1.4

Genshin Impact has more than thirty different characters to choose from, with the newest one, Rosaria, coming to the patch update version 1.4. While Hu Tao who was present at the end of version 1.3 is also still quite strong in Tier S. Zhongli received some significant buffs some time ago, turning him from a normal character to a more powerful one.

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How do changes and updates affect the layout Genshin Impact Character Tier List? So far, Rosaria as the newest hero is still not considered strong and players don’t know where the strengths and roles are in the game scheme, both solo and party. Meanwhile Zhongli went up one level and Hu Tao further solidified his position. Xiao and Ganyu had become invaluable party members, while Childe was probably starting to drop a little off the list. Without further ado, here it is Tier List Character Genshin Impact on April 2022 !

Genshin Impact Tier SS Karakter Characters

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This Genshin Impact Tier character is indeed slightly above the average of heroes at level S. Each character represents the absolute advantage of its category, main DPS, Sub DPS, and Utilities.

Bennet (Utilities) – Found in almost every team composition, Bennet combines the best DPS, support characters, and healing abilities in one character.

Ganyu (Main DPS) – Ganyu amplified has the ability to fire tactical damage to groups of enemies, dealing massive damage while inflicting Cryo on them.

Zhongli (Sub DPS) – While Zhongli was a bit of a letdown at first, miHoYo gave Geo Archon some buffs that turned him into defensive power.

Genshin Impact Tier S . Characters

genshin impact diluc 331 64044

Diluc (Main DPS) – Still a highly sought after character, Diluc remains one of the best Main DPS characters in Genshin Impact with the ability to issue consistent Pyro to destroy enemy HP.

Hu Tao (Main DPS) – Newcomer character, Hu Tao’s damage scales based on how much HP he has. It’s rather dynamic to play and capable of dealing a tremendous amount of damage in a short amount of time.

Klee (Main DPS) – Klee makes things boom. When the area explodes, the enemy will die.

Mona (Sub DPS) – Mona is one of the few Hydro characters in Genshin Impact, and is a great support for many Major DPS dealers.

Tartaglia / Childe (Main DPS) – Was once very strong, but his ulti decreased slightly plus the appearance of a new, more powerful character. Tartaglia barely even survives Tier S.

Venti (Utility) – One of the best Utility characters in the game, Venti has excellent crowd control, with the ability to spin other elements as well as damage enemy lines.

Xiao (Main DPS) – Xiao combines the agility of a Polearm user with massive damage and incredible speed.

Xinqiu (Sub DPS) – Perfect mix of damage power, Hydro support and minor healing. Without Zhongli, Xinqiu is probably the best Sub-DPS in the game.

Genshin Impact Tier A Karakter Characters

genshin impact albedo 8335d

Tier A characters are still quite good, if Genshin Impact players don’t have Tier S characters for the desired role. Each offers different advantages depending on the composition of the team and is great during early to mid-game. Many free-to-play players will most likely end up combining some of these characters to play Genshin Impact, perhaps completing the role with one or two characters from the above tiers.

Albedo (Sub DPS)
Diona (Utilities)
Fischl (Sub DPS)
Jean (Utilities)
Keqing (Main DPS)
Ningguang (Main DPS)
Qiqi (Utilities)
Razor (Main DPS)
Rosary (Sub DPS)
Sucrose (Utilities)
Xiangling (Sub DPS)

Genshin Impact Tier B . Characters

It must be admitted that there are many surprising characters on this list. They are not the best in the game, but can be a viable option. Barbara might be the ideal first healer, especially since the miHoYo developers often give it away for free. Then there’s Beidou who, well, if his counter attacks weren’t so complicated to use, he’d probably find himself in tier A. Then there’s also Xinyan who’s actually great for parties, but he’d still be outmatched as Main DPS because of the many characters. others are much better.

Barbara (Utilities)
Beidou (Main DPS)
Chongyun (Sub DPS)
Kaeya (Sub DPS)
Xinyan (Main DPS)

Genshin Impact Tier C Karakter Characters

tier list genshin impact Tier D 45de8

Tier C characters are generally not used unless absolutely necessary, although sometimes party compositions may require them specifically, such as Geo Traveler in Zhongli’s party. Noelle plays a pretty good defensive role, but there are plenty of other characters that provide better shields than her.

Lisa (Sub DPS)
Noelle (Utilities)
Traveler (Anemo – Sub DPS / Geo – Utilities)

Genshin Impact Tier D . Characters

genshin impact aber 9fe14

Amber (Sub DPS) – Amber Genshin Impact is useful for solving some of the initial puzzles but is quickly replaced after better Pyro and Bow characters can be obtained later.

Well, that’s the Tier List of Genshin Impact Characters in April 2022. Hopefully it will be useful for those of you who are going on an adventure or who have already played Genshin Impact. Stay tuned for the latest Genshin Impact news on Ligagame! Visit Instagram and Youtube which is always updated and up to date.

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