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New Character Leaks of Genshin Impact Hero Five-Star: Kazuha

The data hunters (data miners) again show a leak about the upcoming Five Star character (five stars) Genshin Impact. The leak reveals the design, movement set, and leveling material for a character named “Kazuha” from the Anemo element class. Although the exact date is not known when it will be released, this character is expected to be present in the upcoming Version 1.6 patch.

Most of the leaks about Genshin Impact, especially the new characters, often prove to be true and come true. For example, the leak about Kazuha’s character has actually been shown by a dataminer from the Redditor account drakolla911 five months ago, although the naming of the character was still Tohama, which was later corrected with his original name. This time Redditor P_alladium explained, Kazuha had Anemo vision on her back, wore a red color scheme and wielded a sword.

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It’s not clear where this leak came from, but it went viral on Twitter’s timeline, and was tweeted by the account @Zeniet, which indeed often leaks Genshin Impact 1.5. It could be that the leakers got information from the limited close beta test being held.

Yeap, although miHoYo insists that it will take action against participants who release information that is contrary to their agreement, some players/users may then use anonymous identities. However, if this information comes from closed beta testers as usual, it means that Kazuha will most likely indeed be released when version 1.6 goes live.

Some information about Kazuha, such as his stats and some Ascension materials, had also been leaked. However, this information is still leaked. It is possible for Mihoyo to change some of Kazuha’s abilities or skills when released later.

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According to an anonymous source, Kazuha will need familiar resources like Treasure Hoarder Insignias, just like Kaeya and Bennett need, as well as some unreleased materials, one of which looks like a glowing mushroom.

As for his attacks, Kazuha’s Elemental Skill is similar to Anemo’s four-star hero, Sukrosa. According to the leak, this skill can pull enemies in AoE towards Kazuha before launching them and hitting Anemo with DMG damage. Like Xiao, this attack would also strategically position him for a powerful leap attack.

Kazuha’s Skills:

Chiyafuru (Elemental Skills)
Kazuha pulled and threw the opponent up. When thrown up after using this skill, Kazuha can perform a plunging attack (Ranran Haishin).

Kazuha’s plunging attack deals anemo damage and creates a vent that draws enemies around.

Manyou no Ittou (Elemental Burst)
Kazuha swung her sword to release a storm that dealt AoE (Area of ​​Effect) anemo damage. The slash of the ronin’s sword can cause a storm that absorbs hydro/pyro/cryo/electro elements and deals continuous damage.

As we know, Genshin Impact recently revealed a new territory in a live streaming event some time ago. The area is named Inazuma which is the origin of Archon Electro. Fans enthusiastically welcomed Kazuha as the upcoming five-star character, as did Eula’s leak ahead of Udate 1.4.

Looks like the weapon for Kazuha has also been leaked. The five-star sword is called “Boreas Precocity”, based on the translation, although fans don’t think it fits Kazuha’s design. His secondary stats are Elemental Mastery and a sword with stacks.

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