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MiHoyo's Office Attacked by Men With Knives!

News about players being dissatisfied with the games they play is nothing new. As usual, they will use social media or forums to vent their disappointment or anyone who intends to launch a virtual attack, spamming to try to penetrate the data and code of the game being played. Rarely, though not without precedent, do individuals take further and extreme measures of violence. This is what happened to miHoYo, the developer of Genshin Impact.

This incident occurred last weekend, April 24 to be exact, when a man who came later suddenly attacked the two leaders of miHoYo. Reported from Baidua man has been arrested on charges of attempted murder against Liu Wei and Cai Haoyu, co-founders of the miHoYo studio.

The man was reportedly carrying a knife and managed to break into the office. Luckily he didn’t have time to launch his action and no one was hurt. The man was finally arrested and is in the process of being investigated by the local police

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Whatever the reason, the act of assault, let alone murder, cannot be justified, and the man who commits the attack is threatened with severe punishment. However, according to the information from the interrogation, the suspect conveyed his motive or reason for planning the attack. This action turned out to be related to the game he was playing. Not Genshin Impact, but Honkai Impact, another game produced by MiHoYO.

honkai impact3rd update d8275

It all started with updates for mobile games Honkai Impact 3rd. The update implemented this April added bunny costumes and dance moves in all markets except China. After a strong reaction from Chinese gamers who found the content out of character and inappropriate, the update was cancelled. Honkai Impact 3rd then delivered an official statement and apology which was posted on its official Twitter account on April 22.

It’s unclear if the attacker was angry at the update and the inappropriateness of the costume, or because the update was canceled and not released in China. According to Baidu, the suspect man came to Shanghai, armed himself with two 9cm knives and intended to kill Liu and Cai, before committing suicide.

The incident at miHoYo’s office became a threat case for the umpteenth time. In July 2022 a devastating arson attack hit Kyoto Animation, followed by a spate of other threats to other studios over the summer, including a shooting at Twitch headquarters and a bomb threat at Bandai Namco.

This attack had certainly taken miHoYo employees into shock, so no one could blame those who wanted to take time off. Even so, some are still working on content for more Genshin Impact content, including the upcoming 1.5 update released on Wednesday alongside the long-awaited PS5 version of the game.

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