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Measuring Liyue Big 3's Strength, Who is the Most OP?

 Just like in My Hero Academy which has the Big Three, Genshin Impact also has the nickname Big Three. Characters that enter the Liyue Big 3 clearly have strength above the average of other characters. So, it's no wonder why many players make these characters as Main DPS.

However, can you guess which characters are included in the Big Three and what are their potential strengths against each other? Therefore, see the article from Gamedaim Opinion below.

1. Xiao – Anemo

First , there is a character named Xiao who is Zhongli's right-hand man. Unlike most DPS in general, Xiao is made as flexible as possible and his Anemo's potential power is far from some characters like Venti or Jean.

The most interesting thing about Xiao himself is his Ultimate Burst which has a fairly wide AoE. With the power range evenly distributed, it was no wonder why Xiao was often the choice for Travelers in the Spiral Abyss.

Just for the record, Xiao is one of the DPS characters with a fairly easy build considering that he can rely on the Gladiator Set and Viridescent Venerer. So, it's quite easy for you to upgrade the abilities of this character

2. Hu Tao - Pyro

Released in one version with Xiao, Hu Tao is a character with Pyro element who is able to finish off enemies in a short time. But you need to note that Hu Tao is a Single Target type character but is able to silence a large number of enemies with his Elemental Burst.

In general, Hu Tao sacrificed some of his HP to increase his ATK. In addition, Hu Tao's Elemental Burst is also able to recover the HP he expends depending on the number of enemies.

3. Ganyu – Cyro

Unlike the two characters earlier, Ganyu is a character who does not rely on Elemental Skills or Burst. Because, this character is designed with Charged Attack which is quite crazy. In fact, there are some players who say that miHoYo wrongly designed Ganyu.

Just for the record, Ganyu is able to bring out his greatest potential when paired with the Amos Bow and also the Wanderer 4 Set. At least, players can get 50k DMG per Charged Attack.


Seeing the fact that these Big 3 characters are each the most powerful DPS in Liyue, it's quite difficult to determine who is the most OP character right now. If you had to choose, Ganyu would be the most stable character right now. Because, he doesn't need to rely on Elemental Skills and Burst.

Meanwhile, Hu Tao and Xiao were characters who sacrificed their HP to increase their strength. So, they need a Team composition filled with Healers and Tanks.