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Leaking! 8 New Genshin Impact Characters After Patch 1.1, There's Dendro Elements

Genshin Impact will soon enter the patch 1.1 update with four new characters. As for the location itself, there are now Mondstadt and Liyue. But it looks like the developer is already planning a bigger patch in the future.

Based on trailers Genshin Impact, the next coming region named Inazuma. The community believes Inazuma will be formed based on Japan with a majority of lightning elements (electro). As usual, players will be able to meet new characters there while completing the main mission.

Although we don’t know when Inazuma will be released, one of the reddit users u/Drakolla911 aka dataminer got a leak for eight characters that might appear in the patch 1.2 update for December 2022.

According to him, some of these characters were created specifically for the Inazuma region. It can be seen from the design and character characteristics.

leaked genshin impact characters 1.2

The following is an explanation of the Genshin Impact character, based on data from the closed beta test (CBT) archive:

  • Hu Tao: Pyro Polearm of Liyue. Boss Zhongli at the funeral parlor. Not good friends with Qiqi.
  • Mimi: Hydro Catalyst from Inazuma
  • Yunjin: Geo Polearm of Liyue, same as Zhongli
  • YaoYao: Dendro Catalyst of Liyue. He will be the first Dendro (nature / plant) element character. YaoYao studied under the same master as Xiangling, and had just worked under Ganyu.
  • Sayu: Anemo Claymore from Inazuma
  • Tohama: Pyro Polearm from Inazuma
  • Shenli: Cyro Claymore from Liyue
  • Rosaria: Cyro Polearm from Mondstadt

According to dataminer, there is one character named KazuhaInazuma’s Anemo Sword, which doesn’t appear in the picture.

*Some of these characters have been shown by miHoYo himself. Take Yaoyao, for example, who appears in the Genshin Impact image with Qiqi and Paimon.

yaoyao and qiqi
Yaoyao and Qiqi | Source: miHoYo

Some Genshin Impact fans don’t seem very interested in this released character. Especially in terms of role / role.

With the appearance of these characters, it means that there will be three Pyro Polearms and three Hydro Catalysts. According to the community, it is too repetitive and less creative.

Call it the Polearm role, which so far there is only one character, namely Xian Ling. Meanwhile, there will be four characters who have the Polearm role. Meanwhile, the role of Claymore is increasing with the addition of two characters, namely Sayu and Shenli.

There is still no clarity regarding the release of these characters, whether it will be released during patch 1.2 or later. What’s more, we don’t know which characters are 5 or 4 stars, and will they be released together or individually like Klee?

Source: Reddit user u/WeeklyYesterday101

Meanwhile, in terms of zones, in patch 1.2 itself, miHoYo has announced that there will be a new area called Dragonspine which is covered with snow. There is a possibility that Dragonspine is part of the Inazuma zone, because Japan itself is a snowy area.

Many questions await. But we’ll just have to wait for an announcement from the developer. After all, patch 1.2 will be released in December, not so long from now. Don’t forget to prepare your money for gatcha.

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