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Klee, New Genshin Impact Character, The Pyro Bomb Thrower

Before release Genshin Impact version 1.1, miHoYo does not hesitate to provide special content for fans. The game is overflowing with exciting events, and this time, miHoYo presents a new Banner: Sparkling Steps, replacing the Banner Ballad of Goblets (with the character Venti).

Sparkling Steps banner showing character Genshin Impact new, Klee, a cute boy with elemental Pyro and a special skill in throwing explosive bombs. This banner is coming to October 20 until November 9th.


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Klee Genshin Impact

klee genshin impact skill

Unlike other mages, Klee’s basic attack focuses on the Pyro bomb throwing skill. When holding down the attack button, it will create a fire laser that blows up the targeted area.

For the main skill there will be two charges and give the ability to throw bombs at the enemy. This bomb will bounce several times (each bounce produces Pyro damage) until it finally explodes and forms a fire mine. The mine will explode if the enemy hits it and deals AoE Pyro damage.

For Klee’s ultimate, he will form a fire laser that continuously deals damage to every nearby enemy.

How to get Klee in Genshin Impact

This five-star character can be obtained through the gacha or Wish system. As is the case with Venti, with the presence of the Sparkling Steps banner, players will be given a 50% chance to get Klee every time they attract a five-star drop. So if you don’t get Klee in the first drop, it’s guaranteed to get it in the second drop.

klee genshin impact banner
Image Source: miHoYo

As you know, the gacha mechanism gives out random items every time. Players can use multiple Wishes without getting the character they want. In order to maintain the balance of the game system, Genshin Impact presents a system of “pity” aka “mercy.”


Tips To Get More Wishes at Genshin Impact

For this banner, every time you get 90 draws, players will be guaranteed to get at least one five-star drop. In other words, you will one hundred percent get Klee after 180 draws.

Just like the Ballad of Goblets banner, this Banner increases the chances for players to acquire a four-star character. 50 percent of the four-star characters were Xingqiu, Noelle, or Sucrose.

For those of you who have saved Intertwined Fates, it’s time to use them to get Klee!

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