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Is it true that Kuki Shinobu has the same skills as Naruto?

Although the new Shinobu Cookies will be released on Genshin Impact v2.7, information about his skills is a hot topic of discussion. Not surprisingly, Shinobu is one of the characters who presents Ninja in Genshin Impact.

So, is it true that Shinobu's skills will be released like Naruto? Let's look at the following Gamedaim reviews .

Kuki Shinobu Skill Similar to Naruto?

Referring to the available information , Kuki Shinobu is one of the Genshin Impact characters who are subordinate to Arataki Itto. Like the Ninja in Inazuma, Shinobu will most likely adopt skills that are popular among Ninjas.

Furthermore, some Travelers really hope that they get Shinobu with skills similar to Ninjas. Talking about Shinobu, many gamers have high hopes for this character.

They hope that his role as Support can match Kujou Sara . Just for the record, Sara is one of the strongest Support for other Electro characters.

Joint Release with Yelan

You need to know, Kuki Shinobu will later be present with Yelan. For information only, Yelan himself has appeared on Genshin Impact through The Chasm content. In one of the quests Yelan will help you defeat the Serpent Ruin.

Meanwhile, Shinobu is a 4-star character that you can get from gacha alone. So, don't forget to save your Primogem to get this one character, Traveler.