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How to Get to the Square in Quest Journey to the Unknown

Genshin Impact presents the latest quest which is certainly exciting and curious. Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown will invite players on an adventure to find a square or square. Well, this time we will discuss the intricacies of this quest and guide to the Square!

Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown will invite you to complete several tasks. While many of these tasks are fairly simple to handle, there are some that can be a little confusing. For example, one of the quest instructions asks you to wait until the next day before going to the Square, but gives no further information about where the location can be found.

To get to the square referred to, you can go through the path on the west side of Mondstadt. For complete clarity, a map highlighting this location can be found below, and players will need to go to Barbara, Klee, and Jean and confirm that they have waited until between 12:00 and 18:00 the next day, or your character can’t. to the square.

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After waiting a certain amount of time, use the Time option on the left side of the menu. Indeed, players can use this feature to adjust the time however they want, only needing to push the clock forward until past 12:00 the next day. This will place waypoints in the locations of Barbara, Klee, and Jean, and it will make it much easier for you to find Square .

Upon arrival in Mondstadt, players will be sent out of town to the Golden Apple Archipelago. In this area players will face the Waverider for the first time, and take him out into the water. Be careful you can get lost in the fog while boating so you get stuck getting nowhere!

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But don’t worry, everything will change after you arrive at the Mysterious Islands and complete the Journey to the Unknown quest. The next journey requires you to find and turn on all equipment. The devices referenced by this step are a series of Teleport Waypoints found on the Golden Apple Archipelago, and one on Twinning Isles, one on Broken Isles, and one on Minacious Isle. Interacting with these objects will cause the surrounding fog to dissipate, making the area easier to navigate.

Well, that’s Genshin Impact’s guide to the Square on the way to completing the Mysterious Islands quest. Good luck!

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