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Guide Genshin Impact: How to Get Naku Weed

Naku Weed is one of the many new material items in Inazuma, a new area in the game Genshin Impact that was just added in update 2.0. When exploring the Inazuma archipelago, travelers can hunt for hidden treasures and of course collect materials that are around.
Naku Weed is one of the many new resources and its properties and uses are not well known. In addition, for those of you who have arrived in Inazuma, of course you can’t miss the seeds. how to get it is difficult and easy, as long as you know the location!

What Does Naku Weed Look Like?

Naku Weed is a pink and purple plant with teardrop-shaped flowers and heart-shaped petals. This weed usually blooms around the glowing leaves around Inazuma.

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What are the Uses of Naku Weed?

Naku Weed is required to take on the quest in Genshin Impact. For now, Naku Weed is not needed for cooking recipes or character leveling. However, since there are new characters from Inazuma coming to Genshin Impact named Baal, Kokomi, and Sara, they may need these Inazuma special plants for those characters.

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Naku Weed was needed to take on the quest in Inazuma while meeting the NPC at Fort Fujitou named Yasumoto. He asks the player for these 12 plants. After this quest is complete, players can leave 12 more Naku at his house every day to get an Exquisite Chest. It is unknown how many times this quest can be repeated, but some have completed it at least three times. Well, this could be an easy way to get some free Primogems every day.

Where to Find Naku Weed?

There are several locations where you can find these particular seeds, but most are concentrated around three main Genshin Impact locations:
The first location is north of the Jakotsu Mine, the second is northeast of Tatarasuna and near Mikage’s Furnace, and the third is in the circle around Narukami Grand Shrine. Be careful, because this area is filled with Electro elemental enemies! We need to form their party composition. Naku Weeds reappeared every two days.

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There were also vendors selling Naku Weed. In Inazuma City, Aoi sells these five plants for 1,000 Mora each. Naku Weed Seeds

Players can plant some of these beautiful plants around the Serenitea Pot. Naku Seeds can be purchased from the Realm Depot for five Realm Currency. However, we can’t plant it right away because we have to buy A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe item from the Realm Depot, then prepare the land around the house to plant it. Naku Weed’s Seed is also a Quest Item that can be obtained by reaching Inazuma’s Reputation Level 3.

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