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Genshin Impact

Along with Ganyu, Mihoyo finally reruns double banner re-run for the character Zhongli, which has been going on since January 25th. Zhongli himself is one of the five-star characters, the most popular in Genshin Impact.

Within a day, the character’s debut in December 2022, managed to achieve the largest revenue for Android and iOS users, amounting to $15.5 million USD or equivalent to approximately 223.1 billion rupiah. Although banners Zhongli already experienced re-run up to two times, the enthusiasm of the fans remains high.

Here are interesting facts about Zhongli, a rich god who has turned into a poor warrior!

Former Protector of Liyue

5 Interesting Facts about Zhongli

Zhongli’s real identity is Morax, also known as Rex Lapis. In the past, he was an Archon with the Geo element, who acted as the protector of Liyue’s land.

Zhongli in the form of Morax is also the figure of the god of covenant, commerce, justice, and war. Therefore, he was tasked with overseeing all the contracts and agreements in the Liyue land.

Currently, he dwells among humans and plays Zhongli, the consultant to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. A subordinate of Hu Tao, the 77th Director of the funeral home organization.

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Rich God Turns Into Poor Warrior

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During his lifetime as Morax, this Archon was the source of all the money circulating in Tevyat. It is the origin of the name of the currency used today, namely Mora.

Unfortunately, in his human form as Zhongli, he doesn’t have too many Moras. In fact, he had to rely on the treats of Childe, the Tartarglia and the Head of the Wangsheng Organization.

Tired of Being an Archon

5 Interesting Facts about Zhongli a

Zhongli had made a contract with Tsaritsa, in order to prove that the people of Liyue no longer needed the Archon. He even faked his own death, to test the Liyue people’s ability to protect themselves.

This proving effort was also initiated by the noise created by Fatui. Zhongli also saw that Adeptus and the Guyun Clan members had succeeded in defeating the monster he had previously sealed.

This success made Zhongli believe that Liyue could be free from threats, because the residents and guards were able to come out strong. Finally, he gave his Gonsis to Fatui voluntarily, according to the contract he made with Tsaritsa.

Abandoned by the Beloved

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When Zhongli was still a Morax, he had a chance to meet Guizhong on Dihua Mars, amidst the Glaze Lilies. Guizhong himself is one of the oldest gods, who made the four commandments.

Guizhong plays Morax’s loyal friend, The God of Geo. Guizhong had brought its residents to the western part of MT. Tiangheng, and teach them how to grow crops.

Guizhong’s performance made the land fertile, and eventually served as a source of agriculture. Zhongli also liked Guizhong’s performance and patented the name Guili Plains, which is actually a combination of their names (Gui-Zhong-Li).

During the Archon war, Guizhong and other Adepts fought to protect the Guili Plains from the attacks of the evil god. Unfortunately, Guizhong had to fall. Guizhong’s last moment was in the middle of the Glaze Lilies field, where he left his final smile to Zhongli.

He also asked Zhongli not to forget the Catalyst he had given him, the first time he met. Guili Plains then becomes a silent witness to the love between two gods who are now dormant.

Once Saved Xiao from Darkness

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While still a Morax, Zhongli had helped in freeing Xiao from the control of the Demon God. In order to repay Zhongli’s generosity, Xiao worked tirelessly to protect Liyue.

If Xiao was not saved by Zhongli, perhaps Xiao had already killed many people thousands of years ago. That was why Zhongli also played the role of the master of the Adepts living in the Liyue land. Apart from Xiao, there was also Ganyu and Yanfei who were half Adepts.

So that’s an interesting fact from Zhongli! What do you think Ligagamersmore visible boyfriend material isn’t it?

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