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Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp with Free Primogems Prize!

Genshin Impact introduces the new Hilichurls Camp event. In addition to introducing version 1.5, this event is also giving away Primogems prizes!
This event is quite easy to play because you only need to do a simple thing, namely to mix existing materials into furniture. Travelers can arrange the furniture at the hilicurls house and get prizes every time they make new furniture.

To take part in the event, just click Start below.

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Well, then follow the instructions given to make existing furniture. You have to be as creative as possible to get new furniture to get prizes.

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Hilidream Camp

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The more you find new furniture, the longer it will take you to make new furniture.

You can take 3 daily quests that can give you the material to make the furniture.

To make the first one, it will only take a short time, but for new furniture every day the manufacturing time will increase from the start, i.e. no time, then 1 minute and finally 3 minutes. You can get Mora, Hero’s Wit and Primogems for free from this Genshin Impact Hilidream Camp web event.

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