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Choosing a Faction in WoW TB

 When you look at your WoW TBC Classic account, you're sure to want to find the best in everything. This includes your faction, and once you reach the next level, you have to choose between Aldor or Scryer.

The faction you choose affects the rewards you receive, the charm of the profession, and more. So we will see which faction you should choose to benefit your character.

About Faction

Factions aren't always based on which is best for leveling TBC power or giving you a way where you don't have to buy TBC gold, but they each have their advantages. After you finish City of Light after visiting Shattrath City, you have to make big decisions in the game. Who are you on, Aldor or Scryer?

The two factions were actually enemies, but they were at peace with each other in Shattrath. You will start out as neutral between the two sides, although once you are allied with one side, you will then be slandered on the other side. With that in mind, make sure you make your choices count. There are several ways in which you can change sides, but it will take a lot of grinding with the same quest if you are going to switch.

Why You Should Choose Aldor

This is a very popular choice for almost all classes in the game. Whether your goal is to buy WoW TBC gold for mounts, or you want to find the best classic WoW TBC items to use, there's still a lot you can get from Aldor.

If you're looking for some great exclusive gifts, you'll find them here. Those who will benefit from Aldor include the Druid class, especially if using restorations, as well as Feral and DPS tanks. Other builds that benefit include a Hunter class that uses marksmanship and beast mastery, as well as a Paladin that uses retribution, protection, and holy. If you play as a Priest, then you should also use the sacred, as well as the shadow.

Lastly, if you're a Rogue who uses kill, combat, and subtlety, you should choose Aldor. This also applies to Shamans that use enchantment and recovery, as well as Warrior classes with rage, protection, and weapons.

Reasons to Choose Scryer

So as you can see that there are many benefits for you to choose Aldor for many different classes in the game. However, if you are going to play as a Warlock, then Scryer will be very useful for you in the PvE realm. If you need the rewards given by the “Turning Point” quest, then you should definitely look into this faction.

Not only that, there are some benefits to other classes as well. A balanced Druid class is useful with Scryer, and so is a Hunter class with a survival focus. Mage classes with arcane, ice and fire would find many uses from it, as would Shamans with elemental magic. As we mentioned earlier, Warlock is great for Scryer, especially when you're using demonology, destruction, and suffering.

Changing Faction

If you choose a faction and want to switch sides, don't worry as you can switch sides if you wish. That said, if can be difficult if you have a character that the opposing faction hates.

To leave Scryer, you must find an NPC known as Sha'nir. This is the character that offers the quest “Strained Supplies”. Not only will you need to complete quests, but you will also need to repeat them several times. You need to do this until you reach a point where you have neutral affinity with Aldor.

If you want to switch from Aldor to Scryer, then the method on the surface is pretty much the same. However, this time you must find an NPC known as Arcanist Adyria, who offers the quest “Voren'thal's Visions”. You must repeat this quest until your affinity with Scryer reaches neutral as well.

So before you re-level Burning Crusade and hunt for TBC Classic gold, consider joining one of these factions to get the best of your class.

Which World of Warcraft class would you choose at TBC? Let us know in the comments section below!