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Adventure Rank, Primogems, Up to the Best Elemental Reaction

Genshin Impact is an open world RPG game that is being discussed a lot today. Players are given a mission to solve the mystery of Teyvat, a world where elements interact with each other.

The game was developed by miHoYo and based on App Annie’s analysis, there were 17 million downloads for the mobile game within four days of its release. This does not include PC and Playstation 4.

Unlike most open world gatcha games, games Genshin Impact it’s really broad, and takes time to understand and adapt. There are many strategies, terms, and features that you need to know in order to develop faster.

Are you a beginner player? Come on, look at the tips Genshin Impact the following best.

Start With Main Quest

genshin impact combat

At the beginning of the game, maybe you can’t wait to explore the vast world of Teyvat. But, you should focus first on the main quest. With this, you will get four characters and increase your Adventure Rank, which will be very useful for activating more activities and other quests.

Use Leveling Material, Don’t Keep It

Deep leveling system Genshin Impact quite different from most other RPG adventure games. Generally you defeat enemies to level up quickly, but this has little impact in Genshin Impact.

On the other hand, characters can level up EXP quickly by using the Adventure Handbook. This book can be obtained anywhere and mostly obtained from treasure rewards or quests.


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Level Up Characters As Fairly As Possible

genshin impact character

After getting a few characters, it’s a good idea to level up each character fairly and evenly so that you can gain access to higher levels of the Abyssal Domain later. This strategy will also make it easier for you to fight different types of enemies because each character has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Focus on Raising Adventure Rank to Level 20

At the start of the game, Genshin Impact tends to look simple. Most features can be activated after reaching a certain Adventure Rank level. For this reason, your top priority is to level up your Adventure Rank. Don’t focus too much on EXP, because most of the activities you do will give you experience too.

Here are some features that you can get after reaching a certain AR level:

Save Primogems for Summon

primogem genshin

Only use Primogem to buy summons! Genshin Impact provides an option where players can use Primogem to exchange for Intertwined or Acquaint Fates. You may be interested in these options in hopes of getting rare characters and weapons. But remember, the chance of getting rare items is very small (0.6 percent!).

So if you don’t want to waste money, it’s best to save it for summons!

Always Summon In Sets of 10!

Only summon when you have enough to get ten summons at once. In other words, 10 Intertwined and Acquaint Fates (1600 Primogems).

In Genshin Impact, the chances of getting one four-star (or higher level) item are higher, if you summon in sets. The developer guarantees this! If you do it one by one, the chance of getting a four-star item is only 5 percent.


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Upgrade Artifacts to Get Stronger

genshin impact artifacts

Artifacts are accessories or armor that support the strength and stats of your character. Every Artifact in Genshin Impact cannot be purchased, and can only be obtained throughout the game, dungeons, treasures, and quests.

These artifacts are very important because they will be able to boost damage and critical chance! If you have difficulty fighting enemies, try to explore for artifacts first. Guaranteed to be very influential.

Artifacts with a high level will be difficult to find. However, you can combine some low-level artifacts to be upgraded to higher quality.

The best tip is to choose one or two of your favorite characters using feather-type artifacts for additional attacks.

Easy Quests To Get Four Star Artifacts

genshin impact nun victoria

So, let’s continue discussing Artifacts because they are really important. In Genshin Impact, You can get two four-star artifacts in a fairly easy way.

When getting the Monstadt cathedral quest, make sure you go there and look for a girl named Victoria. When a dialog option with a treasure icon appears, you can select it to get a reward. Vitoria will provide a very useful four-star artifact!

For the second artifact, you can get it in a quest at Dadaupa Gorge. You have to kill enemy camps in three locations and light a torch with the elements of fire, lighting, and ice. After that, you will get the artifact!

Always Use Resin

genshin impact resin
resin Genshin Impact

System Genshin Impact limit how much reward you can get from certain activities. Naturally, this gatcha game is free and wants to attract players to spend money.

Resin is an “energy” that is used to unlock rewards from Ley Line missions (from the Adventurer’s Handbook), Abyssal Domains, and after defeating Bosses. Without this, you can’t get any rewards.

This resin can run out, but will be fully refilled every 24 hours. So, when your Resin is full, always use it and don’t keep it. If left full, the Resin will stop filling.

Check Each Character’s Elements For Extra Bonus

genshin impact character element

There are seven types of elements in Genshin Impact: Anemo (wind), Hydro (water), Pyro (fire), Geo (earth), Electro (electricity), Cyro (ice), and Dendro (plant).

Each character represents one element, except the main character who can switch between Anemo and Geo. You might think, the more varied the team the better. However, not always!

Choosing two characters with Anemo can provide additional stamina, making it easier for you to explore. Meanwhile, two characters with Pyro elements provide a bonus attack damage of 25 percent.

So, don’t choose randomly. Check what bonuses you can get in the character menu, then set the character combination according to the team’s needs.



Learn Elemental Reaction Strategy

elemental reactions genshin
Image Source: miHoYo

In this game, you are not limited to pressing buttons carelessly. You can combine several elements for high damage and defeat special enemies. This technique is called elemental reaction and will be your best friend in Genshin Impact.

Some of the best elemental reactions you can use are:

  • Superconduct (Electro + Cyro): Player throws an attack using Cyro. When the enemy is in an ice-affected area, use an attack with AoE Electro (eg Lisa) to produce superconduct. This reaction produces Cyro’s AoE damage and reduces the enemy’s physical resistance by 50 percent.
  • Frozen (Cyro + Hydro): Very useful against large enemies. Players use Hydro to attack the enemy first. When the enemy gets the wet status effect, immediately use Cyro for a temporary freeze effect. This strategy is very simple and effective because many springs can be found in the game.
  • Swirl : One of the most important elemental reactions for the main character. When attacking enemies using Anemo, use Pyro / Cyro / Hydro / Electro. Swirl will deal extra elemental damage and spread the effect.

Amenoculus and Geoculus Collection

genshin impact map

Make sure you look for Amenoculus and Geoculus scattered on the map. This item can be exchanged at the Statue of the Seven to help level up the character. For example, you can get rewards such as additional stamina. Check interactive map Genshin Impact while looking for it!



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