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Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends New Version, Suitable To Be The Mainstay Marksman

Are you the lazy type? Marksman as a fighter? Don’t underestimate them! Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends is one type of fighter Marksman which has an advantage over fighters from similar groups. Not only capable of attacking from a distance, Sun Shin also has damage quite large and flexible fighting style.

Yi Sun Shin Hero Background

yi sun shin mobile legends story

Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends story turns out to be more or less integrated with the real world! The character is inspired by a Korean admiral who once won a battle against the Japanese Navy. In the world of MLBB, Yi Sun Shin seeks to build a fleet to conquer various lands, complete with a giant ship named The Iron Turtle.

It is said that Yi Sun Shin’s fleet only consisted of 12 ships, but they once managed to defeat the Japanese fleet of 300 ships. In accordance with his role, his weapons also reflected his military career, such as bows and arrows and swords.

Yi Sun Shin also got a new skin that makes his appearance look spectacular. Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends Epic Skin released this year and offers a similar look cyborg for fighters with a more modern appearance, but still highlighting a bit of the traditional elements.

Method Build Items for Yi Sun Shin

yi sun shin mobile legends build

Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends build support its new characteristics after going through a design update, namely a blend of Marksman and Assassin. Both of them show the ability to kill long distances and hide to trick opponents. This ability will be more qualified with quality items.

Here are some build items for Yi Sun Shin.

1. Swift Boots

This fighter requires a lot of speed and agility in carrying out his mission. You can choose Swift Boots, boots that increase attack speed to normal movement. The shoe increases 15 percent of attack speed and 40 points of movement.

2. Demon Hunter Sword

Start increasing your attack through skills active and passive use Demon Hunter Sword. In addition to a 25 percent increase in speed, you will get +35 points Physical Attack.

3. Berserker’s Fury

As the name is “spooky”, Berserker’s Fury is items special aggressive attack. You got +65 points Physical Attack plus 40 percent Critical Damage. There is also a 25 percent increase in the probability of launching a critical strike.

4. Haas’s Claws

Unlike previous items, Haas’s Claws combines the ability to attack while stealing the opponent’s life (Lifesteal). Points Physical Attack also bigger than the previous item which is +70 points.

5. Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom is items the one who gives skills active and passive. In addition to +30 attack points, 20 percent attack speed, and 25 percent critical chancethe item also increases speed by about 30 percent for 20 seconds.

6. Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair maybe one of the most expensive items, in line with Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends skin exotic. You need more than 3,000 gold to buy it, but this item offers many advantages such as +170 points Physical Attack plus five percent of Movement Speed.

Want to increase attack power? Try attacking an enemy whose life is below 50 percent. Yi Sun Shin will automatically get points intake Physical Attack by 25 percent.

Yi Sun Shin’s Pros and Cons

yi sun shin mobile legends skill

Even though he has just been reorganized into a “upgrading” hero, Yi Sun Shin is still an old character that is rarely used. In fact, the character has various qualities. Here are some advantages and disadvantages when playing Yi Sun Shin.


  • Can fight at close range and distance
  • Standard damage quite big even at the start of the game
  • list skills experienced quite a lot of improvement after this character was revamped
  • Can spread the opponent’s location through skills


  • Rarely can do Burst Damage to finish off multiple opponents at once
  • Skill 1 is quite vulnerable; if you use it wrong, your fighter can be ganged up
  • The risk is quite big because it is a melee fighter

Tips for Playing ML with Yi Sun Shin

yi sun shin mobile legends epic skin

Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends guide guide you to be able to play successfully, for example as follows:

1. Use Combos for Critical Damage Full

Want to bring out Yi Sun Shin’s assassin-style abilities? Use a combination of two arrows, Skills 2, then spliced ​​basic attack (basic attack). As a result, Yi Sun Shin can attack nimbly and kill like Assassin even though the original is Marksman.

2. Use Skill 2 to Face Opponents with Crowd Control

Fighter with skill Crowd Control can get you beaten and die. The old Yi Sun Shin version can only escape by using Skill 2; it’s also still risky because fighters like Chou, Franco, or Aurora have the skills to prevent it. However, Skill 2 The newest one offers an immune effect against Crowd Control plus damage reduction short. You can use it for a greater chance of escaping.

3. Use the Sword at the Beginning of the Game

Yi Sun Shin does have a sword and arrow, but when it’s early in the game, it’s best to use a sword. This is because the arrows don’t have much power before you buy some items. Swords are better for one-on-one combat because damage the greater one. Avoid the arrows in a situation like this.

4. Use Ultimate Skills During the Mass Battle

You can contribute to the team by using ultimate skills when fighting together. For example, when you are in a situation where your team is fighting four or five opponents at once, use skills you to make them scatter and hurt. Even teammates can easily finish them off because of your help.

Yi Sun Shin may have experienced a decline in popularity, but his design updates and craftsmanship make him a fairly reliable fighter. use Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends as the choice of both long-range and close-range fighters, which combines the qualities of the best assassins nor Marksman.