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Words Spoken by Akai Mobile Legends

Words Spoken by Akai Mobile Legends | This time the author will discuss a little about the words of Akai’s hero in Mobile Legends. Although there are many Akai users in this game, only a few know what the words are. That’s what makes the author will give a little information about the words and meanings spoken by Akai in Mobile Legends. Curious what he said? Check out the following discussion.

Words Spoken by Akai Mobile Legends

Words Spoken by Akai Mobile Legends

1. When Akai is selected

Let’s go out and relax!

Let’s go and relax. Here Akai tells his users to go and relax. Of course, the meaning of relaxing here is to be calm when fighting. Because when we are not calm using Akai, it is very difficult to use it. None of Akai’s skills are lock targets, so the possibility of missing is very large. But when we are calm and relaxed, the chances of hitting the target are even greater.

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2. When Akai plays

I’m not fat, I’m just,, chubby.

I’m not fat, I’m just chubby. These are the words that according to the author, Mobile Legends players remember the most. It’s not fat, Akai is just Chubby, right?

Let’s roll!

As we know, Akai originally had the ultimate roll to lead his enemy. That’s why Akai said let’s roll.

What you need to do is believe, you have to believe it.

This is the moral message in Akai’s words. All you have to do is believe, you have to believe in it. Whatever you believe, you must believe in it. But here the author wants to remind you, if you believe in something, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s true first. Because not everything we think is true is actually true.

Why am I crying? Because of onions!

Why am I crying? Because of onions. Who doesn’t cry when they get hit by onions, right?

Come on give me some food.

From the shape of the body, we already know what Akai’s hobbies and likes are. So it’s no stranger, if he said to give him food.

There are no coincidences in this world.

These are the words the author likes the most. Akai says ‘there are no coincidences in this world’. Some might say it’s a coincidence, but the author agrees with Akai. There is no such thing as a coincidence, there is luck that comes from effort. Those who are lucky should also try to get something. So if someone says it’s just a coincidence, then it’s a big mistake.

I’m still very charming.

Even though Akai has a body like that, he still says that he is still charming. Yes, it’s charming, doesn’t it cook?

3. When Akai was defeated

Yesterday has become the past, the future is not yet…known.

Yesterday will be past, the future is unknown.. These words have a deep meaning. There are so many who still regret the past, and make the future dark. Even though the past is let go, what we have to do is be better than the past. Because the future no one knows. So keep trying to make the future better than the past.