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Uniquely Helcurt Mobile Legend, Assassin who Moves in Silence

Helcurt Mobile Legend is one of the hero what you will need when playing in a team. Hero it has damage large and can move quietly. Besides, Helcurt is the only one hero in this game that can remove the effect crowd control from Mages.

Despite having amazing specialties. To master Helcurt is not easy. Because durability low, Helcurt just seemed helpless when he was war. Well, so that this doesn’t happen, it’s good for you to understand skills and tips for playing Helcurt first.

Skills Helcurt Mobile Legend

helcurt mobile legends build

Like other heroes, Helcurt also has a number of skills pinned to it. is skills it’s impressed overpowered? To understand it, see the following explanation.

Passive Skill: Race Advantage

Skills Helcurt’s passive is giving effect silence for 1.5 seconds on enemies who casting skills nearby. Cooldown skills it is 3 seconds and can only single targets.

Skill 1: Shadow Raid

Skills Shadow Raid can make Helcurt do blink (move place) in the targeted direction. Skills this can also cause physical damage on nearby enemies as well as effects silence.

Skill 2: Deadly Poisoned Stinger

With Deadly Poisoned StingerHelcurt can issue Poisoned Blade. Hero will also get an additional 200 points from physical damage. Thanks to its passive effect, the number of Blades that Helcurt releases automatically increases to 5 Blades. Each has an effect of up to 8 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: Dark Night Falls

Helcurt has ultimate skills that can create an atmosphere folder looks dark like at night for 3.5 seconds. This skill serves to reduce the enemy’s visibility. In addition, there are additional attack speed and movement speed.

Build Items for Helcurt

helcurt mobile legends guide
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For those of you who want to play games with hero Helcurt, don’t forget to equip it with items best. Helcurt Mobile Legend build items which can be used include:

Blade of The 7 Seas

If basic attack of Helcurt combined with items this one, movement speed Will increase. Besides that, physical damage perceived from the enemy will be reduced. Blade of The 7 Seas is a recommendation for Helcurt who requires attack speed.

Swift Boots

Items Another thing you need to have is Swift Boots. With items With this, Helcurt will find it easier when chasing a fleeing enemy.

Demon Hunter Sword

Besides that, items which can also provide additional attack speed is Demon Hunter Sword. The effect of this item is unique because it can reduce the enemy’s HP and make it extra physical damage.

Rose Gold Meteor

You also need items for lifesteal. use Rose Gold Meteor which can absorb damage from the enemy.

Hunter Strike

Items another is Hunter Strike. By using items this, the enemy can be attacked by luck, any move hero faster. After using items this, there is an effect cooldown for 15 seconds.

Tips for Optimizing Hero Helcurt

helcurt mobile legend story

How to use hero Helcurt Mobile Legend optimally? Immediately, here are some tips that you can try.

Don’t be rigid in determining Build Items

You can just choose the mode default as build items on Helcurt, such as Burst, DPS/Junglingand Sustained DPS. However, the results will not be optimal because the three of them feel responsible.

Not only damage weak, but durabilityit’s not that high either. If you stick with build items this, you can miss on mid game or late games.

Do Farming As Soon As Possible

Because durability low, hero it is mandatory to do farming on early games. The goal is to prevent hero lose the level and become a burden when war. Don’t miss the minions or buff from jungle monsters. The faster you level up, items and skills also quickly obtained. When reaching ultimate skills-his, enemy is afraid.

Diligently Eradicate the Enemy

On mid gameHelcurt can cause effects damage tall one. However, don’t forget that durability hero it is thinner than the others. Because of that, it’s no wonder Helcurt was bothered by the team match that happened when midgame.

Because of that, you have to often move or go around to eradicate enemies, both those in the top lane, mid lane, nor bottom lane. With high mobility, this ability can be done well.

Use Skill 2 Carefully

Many players use skills 2 Helcurt regardless of the bar above this hero. As a result, the enemy did not suffer a significant impact. It gets worse if the intended target misses. For that, you must be diligent in attacking the enemy so that bar always filled. So, skills 2 this can generate damage super sick.

Don’t be afraid to play solo

Because he often died in battle, Helcurt was sometimes a burden to a team. For that, you can look for other alternatives, namely playing solo. When playing alone, you can steal the Turret or do farming to a higher level.

Maximize Ultimate Skills

When you can use ultimate skills, Helcurt will be hero feared, either Mage or Marksman. The dark screen does make the viewing distance not optimal. That’s when, Helcurt can begin to act to ambush the adapting opponent. Ultimate skills will be more effective if combined with skills 1.

Not just to attack, skills This Helcurt is also useful for escaping from enemy attacks. As known, durability low vulnerability makes Helcurt die easily. So, when the situation is critical, it’s good to install it ultimate skills.

Well, here’s a brief review of Helcurt Mobile Legend. To get hero this, you must have diamonds first. Make a purchase diamonds only via UniPin. Easy payment methods will help you complete the transaction. Hope it is useful!