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Tired of Mobile Legends Tournaments, Evos Donkey Turns to League Of Legends Wild Rift!

Tired of Mobile Legends Tournaments, Evos Donkey Turns to League Of Legends Wild Rift!Recently, the world of Indonesian esports competition was shocked by a statement from a professional player from the Evos Esports team for the Mobile Legends division: Bang Bang.

He is Yurino Putra Angkawijaya, of course this name sounds foreign to Esports friends in the country. Most fans of the Evos Esports team know this figure with the nickname Evos Donkey, himself a professional MLBB player and has successfully made various achievements in the Mobile Legends tournament arena.

In his own career, Donkey can be categorized as a player who is quite successful in his competition, it is recorded that he has succeeded in bringing the white tiger team to win MPL Indonesia season 4, M1 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship, and managed to donate a silver medal at the SEA Games sports week several times. then.

Tired of Mobile Legends Tournaments, Evos Donkey Turns to League Of Legends Wild Rift!

However, recently there was news that the player who was born from Surabaya stated to retire from the Mobile Legends competition. However, his name is still registered in the players who are competing in MPL Indonesia season 5 at this time, unfortunately until now Donkey has never defended Evos Legends in this event.

There had been news that Zeys, who is the coach of the Evos Legends team, would field Donkey in the third week of MPL Indonesia season 5. However, this is just a rumor that in fact in the third week yesterday there was no name in the lineup of a white team, not even a substitute.

With this, the question arises whether Papi Donkey has really retired from the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, where through this game he has gained fame and is popular among esports lovers in the country. According to rumors circulating, the player once made Insta story saturated with MLBB tournaments and prefers to have a career in the world of League Of Legends: Wild Rift in the future.

Evos Donkey’s tweet about his seriousness with the game League Of Legends: Wild Rift

For additional information for GameZero friends, currently this game made by Riot has not been released on the Indonesian server, the developer has just completed the trial phase in several countries such as Brazil which has been released for the Beta Version of this League Of Legends: Wild Rift game.

However, according to the information we collected from the site stated that the possibility of a Beta version for the LOL game will be released in March for Indonesia, and for the certainty of the release date there is still no further confirmation from the developer, for sure this game will be released in 2022.