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This Best Fighter, How to Play Jawhead Mobile Legend

Jawhead is known as hero Fighter type that can launch deadly attacks, especially when solo kill. When used by experts, Jawhead Mobile Legend will be character hero which is hard to beat. In fact, when dealing with Assassins, Jawhead can be very strong and move quickly.

Know Skills Jawhead

jawhead mobile legends build

Before playing Jawhead, it’s a good idea to know what’s going on skills owned by character hero this. Here’s the review.

Passive Skills: Mecha Suppression

Skills Jawhead’s passive is Mecha Suppression. With skills that, when Jawhead gave damage on the enemy, it will produce Compression which lasts up to 3 seconds. Layer Compression stackable up to 10 stack. every one stack can improve basic attack damage by 8%.

Skills 1: Smart Missile

With skills In this case, Jawhead will throw missiles for 5 seconds. Missiles are fired randomly with priority hero enemy 12 times. Each missile will spawn physical damage for the affected enemy. Range Smart Missile marked with an orange area around the Jawhead.

Skills 2: Ejector

Furthermore, Jawhead also has skills which are called Ejector. Skill it can improve movement speed and activate shield which absorbs damage from the enemy.

Before cooldown, Jawhead will throw enemies and friends around him. This action generates physical damage and stun for a few seconds. However, if it hits the team itself, no effect will be felt.

Ultimate Skill: Unstoppable Force

Skills ultimate what Jawhead has is Unstoppable Force that is do charge on hero and hit it. Then Jawhead gives effect knockback on enemies in the vicinity and make them bounce far away.

Jawhead’s Best Item Build

jawhead mobile legends build

Although Jawhead is known to have high resilience in the game, hero this still requires build items to make it last. Well, here items which you can use when playing Jawhead Mobile Legend.

Warrior Boots

Jawhead Mobile Legend build items this can add armor as much as 22 dan movement speed by 40 on Jawhead.

Cursed Helmet

As defenseif using items In this case, Jawhead will get an additional 920 HP and 50 Magic Resistant. Nearby enemies will also feel Magic Damage. Minions feel extra damage by 50%.

Antique Cuirass

For needs defenseJawhead can also use Demon’s Advent which reduces damage enemy attack up to 10% since activated. In addition, items can provide additional HP, Armor, and HP Regen.

Athena’s Shield

Don’t forget to use Athena’s Shield when playing Jawhead. Items this allows Jawhead to get Shield Absorption every 30 seconds.

Queen’s Wings

Defense items this can provide extra Physical Attack, HP, and Cooldown reduction.


By using OracleJawhead gets Magic Resistant, HP Regen, and Cooldown Reduction extra.

Tips for Playing Jawhead

jawhead mobile legends story

Hero in the form of this robot has special abilities in the form of Charge and Burst. If you play it well, Jawhead will play a big role in winning the match. It would be a shame if hero this is actually not being utilized by its potential and becomes a burden

Well, here are some tips that you need to do so that Jawhead can fight optimally.

Use Best Item Build

You can experiment using build items anything on Jawhead. Not only transformed into FighterYou can also make Jawhead a hero Tank which can attack the enemy fiercely. Risk build experiment on Jawhead is somewhat smaller than hero Helcurt.

In addition to those previously mentioned, you can also make modifications to the build items Jawheads. However, always keep it items Hunter Strike that can help you level up in stages early game. Immediately, the effect of Hunter Strike will reduce cooldown skills Jawhead which includes old.

Do Farming

Farming is a mandatory thing that needs to be done by Jawhead. If not farming or jungling from the beginning games, you will lose. Because, damage Big and skills Jawhead is indeed possible hero it does both things.

Doing more often farming or junglingthe more EXP and gold what you get compared hero other. If gold a lot, you can complete hero with build items so that they can dominate the game.

Maximize Skill 2

The next strategy you need to know when playing Jawhead is to use skills 2 to the maximum. Skills This ejector is indeed a skills unique and sometimes annoying, both for opponents and teammates.

Need to know, skills it’s not just to attack. However, Jawhead will get shield as well as movement speed for a few seconds while using it. So you can move lane or jungling more quickly.

Associated with skills The ejector, you should not just throw. If you hit a teammate who is busy doing hit, this is certainly very disturbing. If used properly, skills this must be very useful. You can throw enemies at the Turret or throw friends who are chasing the enemy.

Combine Skill

To use Jawhead to its full potential, you can do a combination skills 1-3-2 or 3-1-2. In the 1-3-2 combination, start the game with Smart Missilethen use skills Unstoppable Force, just did Ejector to throw the enemy at the Turret or hero team.

You can use a combination skills 3-1-2 when facing enemies such as Assassins or those who have already fled. Start with Ejector to chase the enemy, then use skills 1 and 2 to make them weaker.

Well, here are some strategies that you can do when playing Jawhead Mobile Legend. To complete your collection with hero this, you first need to prepare diamonds. Make a purchase transaction diamonds through with various payment options. Have a nice play!