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The Sickest Skill and Item Build for Aldous Mobile Legend, Must Try!

For those of you who are loyal to heroes Aldous Mobile Legend, you must be familiar with the background of the hero. He is a hero from the Land of Dawn who is in charge of guarding a mysterious labyrinth in the west. When the labyrinth guards are drunk with the wealth of jade produced by the labyrinth, Aldous is a person who remains faithful to his duty.

Compared to other fighter heroes, Aldous is unique. He uses various equipment it has to destroy monsters or kill other heroes. What kind of greatness does the hero have?

Getting to know Aldous Mobile Legend and his story

aldous mobile legends skin

As previously mentioned, the Minoan Kingdom where Aldous served ended up getting punished for their greed. A miracle happened when the power that was punishment from the heavens entered Aldous’ body. This is where the story of Aldous begins.

Among userFor his part, Aldous often gets the nickname “One Punch Man”. To get to know the hero better, see skills what it has here!

  • Passive Skills. Skills Aldous’s passive is Transform. With skillsevery 2 attacks, the whole damage generated by the next attack, will turn into a protective shield for 3 seconds
  • Skills Skills Aldous’ first is Soul Steal. With this ability, Aldous can expend his inner strength to give physical damage worse in the next attack. If the enemy is successfully killed, those of you who use Aldous will get 25 permanent points. If used to attack minions or other monsters, damageit will be doubled
  • Skills Skills second Aldous known as Explosion. Skills this allows the hero to be immune from attacks by reducing damage by 30%. After finished using skills In this case, there is an explosion effect issued by the hero and gives 1 second stun to the enemy
  • Skills By using skills this ultimate, Aldous can check the position of all heroes for 5 seconds. He can choose which opponent he wants to attack. If you want to cancel skillsthere is a 30% cooldown that will be returned.

Build Items Sick of Aldous Mobile Legend

aldous mobile legends skills
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If you plan to use Aldous to fight, first know Aldous Mobile Legend build the best. Anything build items-his?

  • Raptor Machete. One of jungle items The one that can be used to increase Aldous’ fighting ability is the Raptor Machete. With items build this, Aldouse can speed up farming because it provides additional Exp. Damage bigger ones can also be given to jungle monsters with Raptor Machete
  • Demon Shoes. So that roamingit’s getting smoother to another lane, Aldous needs Demon Shoes. With boots In this case, his Mana Regen will not run out quickly. Other boots options that you can also try are Rapid Boots and Magic Shoes
  • Endless Battle. In order to maximize skills His Soul Steal, you can use Endless Battle. This item is equipped passive which will increase your basic attack after you attack with one of the skills Not only that, Endless Battle can also provide improvements to other Aldous attributes including maximum HP physical attacks, where is regen until movement speed
  • Blade of the Heptaseas. So that damage output the greater the output, you can use this item because of its ability to increase physical penetration and physical attacks.
  • Brute Force Breastplate. When you’ve managed to do physical attack through the previous items, give Aldous a defense so that his durability increases even more team fight. Among the many defense items, Brute Force Breastplate is a very good choice for Aldous. This item if will provide additional HP at once physical defense. When combined with skills passive, Aldous will have an increase movement speed.

That’s some build items that you can use to fight with Aldous Mobile Legend. You can complete it with build other and with Aldous Mobile Legend skin your choice.

Tips for playing Aldous Mobile Legend

aldous mobile legends build

If you survive until the late game, Aldous is a very deadly hero. Especially if you manage to collect max stack from skills 1 and skills passive. Want to play this hero like a pro? Listen Aldous Mobile Legend guide the following!

  • Play in the upper and lower lanes. In the game, choosing the right lane is important for every hero. If you use Aldous, try to play in the upper and lower lanes. By playing solo on lane-lane this way, you can kill minions and buffs to earn more gold. Don’t forget to collect stack so that damage the higher you earn. This move can also make Aldous stronger because usually he tends to be weak at early game
  • Take advantage skills 1 well. use skills 1 possessed by Aldous for killing minions and buffs passing last hits. This method can add stack that you have. In effect, Aldous’ attacks will be even more vicious because damageits big. If you can reach the maximum stack count, with build the right one, you can get rid of the mage hero with just a few hits
  • select build Basically, mostly build what Aldous had was not designed to produce damage. This is because Aldous already has damage big by number stack which he owns. The majority of Aldous users take advantage of 2 build just for damage. The rest they just use defense to make the hero’s blood thicker.

That’s the review about Aldous Mobile Legend. select build your best and defeat the enemy in the battle. Good luck!