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The Safe and Fast Way to Shop for Fashion on Zalora

ZALORA is a shop fashion online which offers a large number of related options fashion good for fashion woman and fashion men in supporting your appearance every day in various events/event. ZALORA has a collection of clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products. Not only that, you can find fashion based on designs from designer famous. ZALORA has better image quality than online stores fashion other.

The advantage of ZALORA itself is that you can pay on the spot with a faster estimated arrival compared to payment via bank transfer. By paying on the spot, the courier will call the ordering phone number to inform you when your order will be delivered. In addition, there is an offer to return goods for 30 days.

Here’s a tutorial on how to shop for fashion safely and quickly on ZALORA:

Download Zalora Android

Download Zalora iOS

1. Make sure the app ZALORA alreadyinstall in WL you, and don’t forget to create an account to make your shopping process faster.

2. After the ZALORA application is installed, open the application and wait a while to be able to enter main page – Tap on icon line three in the upper left corner to select menu fashion Woman or Man.

3. At this stage the author chooses women’s fashion. On the women’s fashion menu, several options will appear, such as: clothes, shoes, etc. But here the author chooses Muslim clothes fashion – Tap Muslim clothes.

Can determine the range of purchase prices, as well as colors and brands on ZALORA

2. After entering the menu fashion Muslim clothes, then the search engine will bring up all the Muslim clothing collections available on ZALORA. At this stage you can also set/filter search based on price range, color, brandlowest price to highest price, highest price to lowest price, discount, brand A to Z.

3. Then you can choose the desired collection of Muslim clothes – Tap right on the image you want to buy.

4. Next you can choose color, sizeand see the details of the Muslim dress. If you feel it fits you first fill it out clothes size – Tap message – Tap icon bag in the top right corner to continue to stage payment.

Shopping Min. 300k Get Free Shipping

5. Furthermore, before making a payment, there will be purchase information including free shipping (min. 300k spending), and you can also enter discount coupon, and can find out the estimated receipt of the goods. when it fits – Tap go to checkout.

6. At the next stage check again shipping address – Tap proceed to payment.

Can Pay On The Spot When Shopping at Zalora

7. Select shipping optionscan go through bank transfer (BCA, Mandiri, etc.), by paying on the spot, and through e-mail credit card. At this stage the writer chooses pay in the place – Tap Message.

Happy shopping.

Note: Can return goods if there is damage / wrong size and free 30 days safe return of goods.