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The Reason You Must Try Playing Thamuz Mobile Legends

Who isn’t intimidated by Thamuz Mobile Legends? First present in 2022, Thamuz is a type hero Fighter in the form of a demon king. In addition to a terrible appearance, Thamuz is also an offensive type and is among the top fighters in this class. If you want to have a hero of type Fighter offensive with a scary look, make Thamuz an option.

This is a guide to playing Thamuz so that you can be successful in every mission.

Who is Thamuz Mobile Legends?

thamuz mobile legends story

Thamuz Mobile Legends story call it Lord of Lava, a demon who lives in the fiery mountains of the Land of Dawn. As the ruler of the volcanic elements, Thamuz uses lava and heat to create twin scythes which are his mainstay weapons. Thamuz has ambitions to rule over the Abyss and hates those whose demon blood is impure, such as Alice.

Thamuz’s toughness and ferocity earned him the title of commander in chief of the demons that inhabited the Abyss. He did not hesitate to use cruel means to achieve goals. To him, those without great power were just trash. He didn’t even hesitate to kill a fellow demon he thought was weak!

This background shows the figure of Thamuz as a fighter with great strength, even tends to overpowering. Lava, Thamuz’s strongest element, is present in every battle. You can use the power of this lava to produce burst damage which has a pretty big effect.

Most Powerful Build for Thamuz

thamuz mobile legends skills

Make your Thamuz more powerful and scary by choosing the right build item. Here’s a recommendation Thamuz Mobile Legends build sick for the latest season of ML.

1. Warrior Boots

As usual, the starting item starts with Warrior Boots, which provides additional defense and speed. Thamuz gets +40 speed points and +22 defense points.

2. Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax suitable for increasing Thamuz’s attack power while reducing time cooldown. This item increases attack points up to +70 and reduces time cooldown up to 10 percent.

3. Endless Battle

Endless Battle increase attack points and speed while helping Thamuz choose faster. There is an additional +65 attack points, +15 physical steal points, +20 regeneration points where, and speed improvements of up to five percent.

4. Queen’s Wings

Queen’s Wings not only increase the defense, but reduce the effect damage to Thamuz up to 50 percent (only when Thamuz’s HP is below 40 percent). Thamuz also gets a bonus of 1,000 HP.

5. Athena’s Shield

Athena’s Shield increases Thamuz’s defense and regeneration system. There are +62 magical defenseadditional 900 HP, plus +20 HP regeneration points.

6. Immortality

This item gives Thamuz a chance to live again. After waking up, Thamuz gets an extra 15 percent HP. Thamuz’s shield also gains strength from this item because it can absorb attack effects of up to 1,000 points.

The advantages and disadvantages of Thamuz

thamuz mobile legends skin

As an offensive fighter who is quite intimidating and able to occupy several positions, Thamuz offers several advantages and disadvantages. This is what you should know before choosing him as a hero.


  • Great power especially in terms of Durability as well as Ultimate skill
  • Can fight in multiple roles like semi tank, offlanerand hypercarry, depends after the game
  • Additional points True Damage through passive abilities (bursts of lava) is quite high and can hit many enemies at once
  • High mobility from the early stages of the game
  • Time cooldown for skills counted quickly even without where adequate


  • Do not have crowd control so it’s easy to get hit by a counterattack
  • It is relatively easy to be the target of the opposing team’s attack and can only rely on flicker to run away
  • Novice players can find it difficult to control Thamuz because it requires accuracy and aggressive play to release skillshis

Tips for Playing Hero Thamuz

thamuz mobile legends combo

Thamuz Mobile Legends skills indeed quite capable in the field of attack, but you still need tricks so that GG can use this aggressive fighter. Here are some tricks to successfully play Thamuz:

1. Make sure you have two main items

Of some of Thamuz’s main items, Queen’s Wings and Bloodlust Ax is what you must have. Both are good enough opening items to support attacks as well as team combat. However, be careful when an opponent uses an item Necklace of Durance because the effect can be reversed.

2. Focus on Early and Mid-Game

Thamuz’s aggressive fighting style is suitable for the early and middle parts of the game. You can open folder as widely as possible for the team and gather a lot of useful information. While in lanemake sure the opposing fighter doesn’t leave lane they are so easy to attack. Press continuously until the opposing team weakens and your team has the upper hand.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Use Spell

Because crowd control weak, Thamuz tends to be an easy target for attacks. You can’t hesitate to rely on spell as a weapon to escape or escape. Flicker suitable as an “escape” spell from -type fighters Mage. If your opponent is a physical fighter, use a spell like Revitalize and Vengeance.

4. Optimize Use of Molten Scythe

Molten Scythe, Thamuz’s double scythe, made of lava, is his main weapon. However, its function is not only for slashing. You can use this weapon to threaten so that the enemy does not approach or prevent the worst effects of wave. You can use it for combined attacks together Chasm Trample and Cauterant Inferno.

5. Combination with the Right Fighter

Want to face your opponent effectively with a fighting partner? Try pairing with Atlas. Hero manifold Tank this can “patch” Thamuz’s shortcomings because it has crowd control the strong one. Atlas can also help add effects damage from Thamuz especially in group fights.

Thamuz may be known as an aggressive fighter who is difficult to control, but you can take advantage of these advantages to “pave the way” for your teammates. Offensive attacks and effects damage and his defense makes Thamuz suitable for maneuvering your team early and mid-game. Don’t hesitate to use Thamuz Mobile Legends and unleash your aggressive fighting style!