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The Quick and Easy Way to Top Up LifeAfter for Beginners

One of the most popular open world survival games is LifeAfter. This game released by Netease Games is quite popular in Indonesia. As of this writing, this game has received a rating of 4 on the Google Play Store.

In addition to enjoying the game in the LifeAfter game, players can also buy various items in the game. To purchase items, players can use a currency called LifeAfter Credits. Well this time we will discuss a quick and easy way to buy LifeAfter credits.

Ways and Steps to Top Up LifeAfter on UniPin

Here are the steps for purchasing LifeAfter credits.

  1. Please visit the website, then create an account on the UniPin web. By creating and registering on UniPin, you will get many benefits.
  2. But you can also top up without having to have an account at UniPin.
  3. Now enter the game LifeAfter or go to page top up LifeAfter.
  4. Next, just enter user id and server location according to your LifeAfter account. Then select the denomination credits to be purchased. There are many choices on UniPin, starting from 65 credits up to 7768 credits.
  5. Next, you can choose the payment method that will be used. You can top up and pay using credit, pay using a virtual account, online payments, or various other payment methods. Please choose the most practical.
  6. If so, complete the transaction. later credits will go directly to your account.
    fill in the credits life after unipin

Tips So You Can Buy Cheaper LifeAfter Credits

As gamers, of course you want to top up games cheaper. So here you can use tips to make top ups cheaper.

  • Make sure to monitor the latest promos on the UniPin web. To get the latest information about promos, you can follow UniPin social media. Or you can go directly to the website To see the latest promos, please enter the menu news & promos.
  • Next, look for promos that are currently available. There are times when there are special promos from the LifeAfter game. If a LifeAfter promo is available, you can join the promo.
  • But if it’s not available, don’t be discouraged. You can take advantage of various other promos on UniPin. For example, a promo with a certain payment channel. Who knows you can get cashback or maybe get bonus UniPin Credits. Which later you can also use to top up your favorite games.
    unipin latest promo

Other Solutions to Top Up Games Easily and Quickly

As the best place to top up games, you can use UniPin for charging or purchasing diamonds/other game currencies. So to make it easier, you can fill in UniPin Credits in your account. Later, you can use the UniPin Credits for transactions on UniPin. You can use it to top up other games or to buy other products on UniPin.

How to fill UC is quite easy. Just like when you top up games on UniPin. Here are the steps to fill in the UC.

  1. Login to the UniPin account that you already have. If you don’t have an account, please register first on the page UniPin account registration.
  2. After logging in, all you have to do is open your account, then top up the UC.
    contents of unipin
  3. Next, just specify the payment method that will be used.
    unipin uc payment method
  4. Then specify the amount of UC to be purchased, enter the phone number, then complete the transaction.
  5. If so, please complete the transaction. Later UC will enter your account.

Furthermore, you can use the UC that you entered earlier to top up various other games on UniPin. It can also be used to purchase LifeAfter credits. Good luck and happy gaming!