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The Newest Skin That Will Come In March 2022 !!

As ML lovers know, Mobile Legends always keep updates hero, patchesas well as skin to make the players more comfortable playing it. In March 2022, there is another new news that will make Mobile Legends players happy, namely that there will be several new skins, let’s see together!

Welcome to, and this is the list of the latest Mobile Legends skins for March 2022!

1. Ling – Starlight

Ling Mobile Legends Latest 2020

Skin Ling-starlight this is in March that is hero Ling. This hero was chosen as a Starlight Skin because it was overpower and often used. Previously, skin Ling which is issued Moonton has yellow hair. However, skin Ling which will be released has a look with black hair with purplish gradations.

2. Kimmy – Charge Leader (Special)

Kimmy Detonating Fuse Special

Kimmy after getting a buffhe also got a new skin type Special. He became a war leader with quite strong abilities. Even the display effect of this hero’s attack changes. When this skin is released, it will definitely receive Painted Skin which is pretty cool. This skin will be available on March 7, 2022.

3. Jawhead – Nutcracker (Special)

Jawhead The Nutcracker Special

Finally Jawhead got Skin Special and a new look that’s for March 9, 2022. Jawhead is a wooden robot that looks Nutcracker. This skin is cute enough for Jawhead lovers, and you shouldn’t miss it!

4. Franco – Valhalla Ruler (Epic)

Valhalla Ruler Franco Mobile Legends

Franco got his newest Skin named Valhana Ruler. Reportedly, this skin can only be obtained through events Lucky Box. So if you want to get this skin, you have to prepare diamonds which is quite a lot. This skin will be available on March 4, 2022.

5. Uranus – Pinball Machine (Special)

Uranus Pinball Machine

This skin has a type Special and different from the others, the appearance of this hero is getting older because the appearance of this skin is quite classic. Uranus Pinball Machine will be present on March 14, 2022.

Those are some skins that will be coming this March, don’t forget to buy diamonds that’s a lot to have this new skin!