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The Most Famous and Most Trusted Android Hp Brands

Having an android phone is one of the needs of almost every person today. Because all communication access is application-based and requires features on the cellphone. However, many people often complain that their cellphones are hot due to being used for too long to play games, open social media, or stream video. Therefore, users of this gadget are starting to look for brands of Android phones that don’t heat up quickly. For reference, maybe Samsung is one of its kind. Samsung is a manufacturer of various gadgets from South Korea that has developed itself from year to year.

Samsung was not the number 1 cellphone brand in Indonesia. However, along with the development of the era of sales of Android phones, Samsung has become number 1 in Indonesia because the products are known to be strong, durable, and do not get hot easily even if they are used for hours. This brand of Android cellphone that does not heat up quickly does have a more expensive price than other cellphones with the same features. However, the guarantee of durability and longevity is indeed very suitable for the price offered. For other brands whose durability is still good, there are Asus, Acer, and Sony lines. Asus and Acer, which initially made more laptop products, are now increasingly developing their business in the field of Android phones.

With a more affordable price than Samsung for the same features, Asus provides the physical durability of its products so that it becomes one of the Android cellphone brands that doesn’t heat up quickly after Samsung. Apart from not getting hot easily, Asus’ battery life is also quite high so that its performance can be more optimal. In addition to Asus, Acer, which also used to concentrate on PCs or laptops, began to add Android cellphone products. Followed by Sony, which is more senior in the field of making cellphones, increasingly sophisticated in the technology of its Android products. Not only about durability, these brands also compete with each other in terms of features, prices, and models. So, gadget consumers will be increasingly spoiled with the virtues of each extraordinary brand.