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The Best Guide to Playing Lancelot Mobile Legends

One of hero with Assassin’s Role in Mobile Legends is Lancelot. Appearance Lancelot Mobile Legends very attractive with long hair and a handsome face. Hero It’s known for its good fencing and rapier guns. Because it’s agile and causes damage big, many choose Lancelot in the game.

Getting to know Hero Lancelot in Mobile Legends

lancelot mobile legends story

Lancelot’s perfect life is interrupted when the Magical Tribe arrives. Because of arrogance and under the influence of alcohol, hero It also attacked the numerous Magical Tribes single-handedly. The Magical Tribe managed to defeat Lancelot and made hero it ran into the forest and fell off the cliff.

After falling, Lancelot stranded on the edge of the lake. He is later rescued by Princess Odette in a castle. Over time, Lancelot fell in love with the Princess. In the period of healing, he also realized his attitude all this time was arrogant and arrogant.

Subsequently, Lancelot learned magic from the Regina Family and combined it with his fencing skills. He also mastered the movement with excellent shadow maneuvers. For the gamers in Mobile Legends, the love story of Lancelot and Odette is very iconic.

In the game, Lancelot is equipped with a number of skills. His passive skill is Soul Cutter, which is the ability to cause effects debuff against enemies and create extra damage.

Lancelot’s 1st skill is Puncture. This skill allows Lancelot to do charge or dash forward. You can also use it to run from enemies when HP is running low.

The next skill possessed by this Assassin hero is Thorned Rose, which can slash in a triangular-shaped area. Besides that, there is also skills Ultimate is Phantom Execution. For those of you who want to dominate waryou should use skills 2 first.

Tips to Maximize Lancelot Skills After Revamp

lancelot mobile legends skills

Lancelot had experienced revamp on patches 1.4.56 in advance server Mobile Legends. The most noticeable changes can be seen from skills passive, Soul Cutter. Blessing revampLancelot has an extra 10% damage or a maximum of 30% each time doing dasheither when using his abilities or Cyclone Eye.

Maximize Stack from Skills Passive

After experiencing revampLancelot Mobile Legend skills This passive becomes very powerful. Increase damage by 10% each stack turned out to be quite significant for the enemy.

Blessing skills passive, assassin heroes this is getting more and more troublesome for the enemy. It only takes a relatively fast time to finish off the enemy and clean up minion.

The stack obtained from the results of using skills passive can be put to good use. The trick is to use Puncture skills continuously.

Navigate skills is this to the enemy or minion different so as not to experience cooldown. This method will allow you to do spamming and get stack in a short time.

Optimize Cyclone Eye

The next strategy you can do is to optimize Cyclone Eye. These are the points that can give rise to abilities dash moment hero step on it. With Cyclone Eyes, hero can jump in the specified direction.

You can use skills This is to chase the enemy or just run away from the enemy. Not only that, you can also pass through walls or cliffs while in the area jungle with skills this. With Cyclone Eyeyou can move places very easily.

To be more optimal, also combine skills Lancelot Mobile Legends this with Soul Cutter. Hero will get stack extra time skills used. You also have the opportunity to add damage moment ganking in jungle enemy area. So, the time needed to finish off the enemy is even faster.

Pay Attention to Mana Usage

The more it is used, skills 1 will make Lancelot get extra damage the greater one. However, this is quite difficult to do because it uses skills in a short time requires Mana. Mana usage will be very wasteful, especially if you don’t have buff blue. Therefore, you must really take into account its use.

Well, the steps you can take are knowing the right momentum to use skills 1, for example only when war or jungling. Use Mana while prioritizing skills used in special conditions, for example skills 2 to clean minion. In this way, you can save on the effective use of Mana.

Hold the Stack at the Right Moment

Another strategy you need to master when playing hero Lancelot is holding back stack to use at the right moment. Need to know, stack which derives from skills passive is very valuable. Enhancement damage The large size makes it easy to finish off the enemy.

The thing to know is stack only lasts 4 seconds. Because interval In such a short time, Lancelot couldn’t maximize damage. How to hold stack is to use skills 1 continuously or ultimate skills in brief. Each hero get stack extra, duration of 4 seconds starts all over again.

So, use skills 1 every three seconds. However, make sure the surroundings are there minion or hero which is quite a lot so skills it is not used in vain. Simply put, before holding back stackread the battle situation first.

Optimize Thorned Rose

You need to take advantage of Thorned Rose optimally in the game. This is skills to attack that can kill the enemy. With Thorned RoseLancelot can inflict damage in a triangular area. Because the coverage area is quite large, damage the output is great.

After experiencing revampLancelot get extra damage by 40% when using Thorned Rose. Besides that, skills This can also have an effect i-frame so that hero cannot be attacked. Use it when Lancelot is dying or being attacked Turret.

Well, here are some guidelines that you can follow to use Lancelot Mobile Legends in the game. If you want to get hero this, exchange it for some diamonds. Do top up diamond first via UniPin. Various payment options will make it easier for you.