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The Advantages of Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends After Revamp

Revamp is an adjustment made to hero which was previously considered less useful because of its weak ability. There are some skills new to be pinned on hero that after experiencing revamp. With this change, hero expected to be chosen by more players in a game gameplay.

Well, one hero who experienced revamp recently was Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends. After being tested on advanced server Mobile Legends, Lapu-Lapu finally officially launchedrevamp on October 27, 2022. Can be played in two modes, namely Twin Blade and Heavy Sword, Lapu-Lapu deserves to be a collection hero you.

Skills Lapu-Lapu After Revamp

Lapu Lapu Mobile Legends Tutorial

After experiencing revampLapu-Lapu is changing skills which is quite significant. Check here what additional capabilities are embedded in hero this.

Skills Passive: Homeland Defender

With skills this, Lapu-Lapu will get Bravery Blassing every time give damage on the opponent. Moment Bravery Blassing full, basic attack Lapu-Lapu that is Justice Blades will be strengthened. This condition also gives a shield on hero and can be used to absorb damage.

Moment basic attack strengthened, Lapu-Lapu will run towards the intended target and give Physical Damage. Justice Blades that amplified will also cause an effect slow on target.

Skill 1: Justice Blades and Land Shaker

Skills The first active that will come out while Lapu-Lapu is being played is Justice Blades. Skills present in fashion Twin Blade this allows Lapu-Lapu to release two boomerangs. Each boomerang will have an impact in the form of Physical Damage on the opponent, either when thrown or when returning.

However, if both hit the same target when thrown, the impact damage in the second boomerang only partially. It should also be noted, the target can only receive damage maximum of 4 times.

In the second mode, namely Heavy Sword, skills The active Lapu-Lapu are Land Shaker. Lapu-Lapu gathered his strength then slashed with Heavy Sword. Skills this will make hero the opponent takes Physical Damage and feels the effect stun.

When using skills First of all, there’s motion animation acceleration, but the range is shorter. Because the distance is reduced, it is difficult for Lapu-Lapu to maintain distance while clearing the minions.

Skills 2: Jungle Warrior and Storm Sword

Skills both on mode Twin Blade is Jungle Warrior. Here, Lapu-Lapu slashes Twin Blade and do charge in the intended direction. This action gives Physical Damage against the opponent.

On mode heavy swords, skillsit changes to Storm Sword. When Heavy Sword regarding the opponent, it not only causes Physical Damagebut also get damage reduction.

Ultimate Skills: Bravest Fighter and Raging Slash

Skills ultimate Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends is Bravest Fighter. Lapu-Lapu can jump into the air, then combine twin blades, then landed on the ground. This action can cause Physical Damage and effects slow on the opponent.

Next, in mode heavy swords, Lapu-Lapu releases 3 slashes with Heavy Sword. When doing that slash, he will become immune on effect Crowd Control. He can also change direction and move after each slash.

Pros and Cons of Lapu-Lapu After Revamp

mobile legends revamp

Some say that revamp what was done to Lapu-Lapu actually made it over power. Is this true? Previously, check what are the advantages and disadvantages found in Lapu-Lapu after experiencing revamp.

Ultimate Cooldown Shorter

Moment cooldownplayers usually have to wait until hero skills can be reused. Well, after revamptime for cooldown will be shorter so you can use skills this again quickly.

At level 8, it only takes 6 seconds for Lapu-Lapu to reuse ultimate skills-his. In fact, at level 12, ultimate skills can be used immediately after hero back to fashion Twin Blade. Because of this advantage, you can use it to clean jungle monsters.

Skills 1 Faster And Deals High Damage

Changes to skills active Lapu-Lapu is damage yield is higher. Range affected area hero skills even wider. Because of that, the enemy will be more frequent recall if hit by an attack basic attack Lapu-Lapu.

Skills Easy Passive Activate

Good on fashion Twin Blade nor Heavy Sword, skills passive hero it will be easier to activate after experiencing revamp. Hero will gain energy from the attack on the target, alright minion nor hero other. With revampyou can collect energy very quickly.

Extra Advantages in Heavy Sword Mode

On mode Heavy SwordLapu-Lapu can do stun on the enemy when activating skills first. Hero can do stun twice, namely at the start and end of the mode Heavy Sword. On skills 2, there is an additional subtraction damage on an opponent who is hit.

Hard to Escape

Weaknesses of Lapu-Lapu after experiencing revamp is no longer capable of disengage when using ultimate skills-his. With low mobility, hero it will be difficult to escape from a dangerous location. It’s also hard to do tower diving.

Dash Shorter

Another drawback is dash which is shorter and does not produce damage or give buff. This is one of the most noticeable changes from Lapu-Lapu’s renewal.

No Bonus Hybrid Defense

Furthermore, hero don’t get bonus hybrid defense as before inrevamp. In fact, this bonus can make hero Survive longer when chasing enemies or in team battles. Hero must use skills both to get damage reduction.

So, in general there are several advantages and disadvantages it has hero Lapu-Lapu after getting revamp. This condition can balance skillsso no over power.

Well, if you want to play Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legendsfirst have hero it’s in your collection. Don’t forget, complete it with Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends build, skinand items others who help in the battle. For that, you can make a purchase diamonds through UniPin with various payment options. Have a nice play!