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Skillful Techniques to Play with Kaja Mobile Legend

Every hero in Mobile Legend has been made with their respective classes and roles. However, there are also heroes who are considered to have dual abilities. This is what makes Kaja Mobile Legend often the choice. Besides being great at initiation and fighterKaja is also reliable as support complete with magic moves which are the advantages.

Kaja has some skills which is the mainstay. For passive skills, there is Wrath Sanction. Every 6 seconds, the next basic attack will have a wider range. Kaja’s 1st skill is Ring of Order (capable of making enemies experience damage and slowed down by 30%) while skills 2 of them are Lighting Bombs (when touched by an enemy, they safely receive 200 points from magical damage). Ultimate skills what Kaja had was Divine Judgment.

Get to know Kaja Mobile Legend

kaja mobile legends build

Including hero with subclass fighter, durability what Kaja has is pretty good like fighter heroes other. With base defense as well as a high base HP, Kaja can withstand damage even if you don’t have a defense item/defense.

Effect abilities which is owned by Kaja also makes him a big damage-producing hero and has the ability to give crowd control. It is very useful for Kaja to use skills-his. Like other heroes, Kaja also has several counter heroes, most of whom are mage heroes. These heroes include Kagura and Harley.

Build Items Kaja Mobile Legend

kaja mobile legend items

Although often underestimated, but until now Kaja is still the best support hero in Mobile Legend. This is thanks to its ability to produce damage big and creating crowd control which is very useful for the team. To make the battle more exciting, don’t forget to use Kaja Mobile Legend best build.

Kaja Mobile Legend build The best that you can use include:

  • Fleeting Time. After Kaja did kill or simply assistFleeting Time items will be very helpful to reduce cooldown from ultimate skills Not only that, this item can also increase the magic power it has
  • Rapid Boots. His position as hero support requires Kaja to have the ability to take care of his team members. Use the Rapid Boots item to upgrade speed movement you while using Kaja. Rapid Boots will also improve skills passive when Kaja is doing an attack or while receiving damage
  • Shadow Mask. Equipped with various skills extraordinary, Kaja is also very good at ganking. To be able to do it to the fullest, you need an item to roaming namely Shadow Masks. This item will put Kaja and his teammates in stealth mode for a few seconds
  • Immortality. To increase defense and maximum HP, Kaja can use Immortality items. This skill can revive the hero from the dead.

Mobile Legend Kaja Emblem

To increase hybrid regen, cooldown reduction, movement speed, hybrid regeneration and reach maximum HP, Kaja must choose a supporting emblem. The options include:

  • Mastery. Included in talent level 1, you can choose Mastery to add cooldown reduction as much as 1.5% in each level. If you can maximize it, Kaja can get extra cooldown reduction up to 4.5%!
  • To increase hybrid penetrationof 2 points per level, Kaja can use a level 2 talent, namely Rupture. With this talent, Kaja can also cause damage amazing on the opponent
  • Avarice. Almost all level 3 talents are suitable for Kaja to use. However, Avarice will be very useful to give you gold after earning damage to the opponent.

Battle Spell Kaja Mobile Legend

Some of Kaja’s battle spell options include:

  • Flicker. Flicker is battle spells most used by players. When removing ultimate skills, use Flicker to drag opponents closer to your teammates. After that, finish off the opponent immediately
  • Petrify. When using battle spells this, immediately use Kaja’s ability to attack the opponent. use petrify wisely because of the effect disableIts against the enemy is very short
  • Sprint. Alternative battle spells another for Kaja is Sprint. Similar to Flicker, you can use it to perform deadly combos. With this spell, you can drag and bind long-distance opponents.

Tips for playing Kaja Mobile Legend

kaja mobile legends skills

Prior to holding the position as hero fighter supportKaja was previously a hero tank support. To be able to play GG, see the following Kaja Mobile Legend tutorial!

  • select midlane in early game. At the start of the game, you can play Kaja on midlane nor lane While in midlaneKaja’s job is tocover midlaner to make it easier to do farming. Kaja is also in charge of guarding them from enemy attacks
  • use ultimate skills well. As fighter reliably, Kaja can perform a variety of tasks. He is capable of being a tank for the protection of his team members, but also capable enough to attack. The trick is to kidnap enemy heroes using ultimate skills which he has
  • give kill on hero carry. In order to get more gold, give kill on hero carry team
  • Do ganking in midgame. Enter midgameuse Kaja for roaming in all lane. Take advantage of the opportunity for initiation and ganking. So that the opponent is not easy to read attacks, take advantage of battle spells Flicker as a complement to your action
  • attack hero core moment team fight. So that the enemy does not have damage when waryou should only use Kaja to attack hero core For example mage, marksman or assassin just
  • Play aggressively in late game. When entering late game, play with bigger action. Disrupt the opponent’s formation and if you get a chance, you can enter turret to lead the enemy out. Together with the rest of the team, execute the enemy immediately.

That’s complete information about Kaja Mobile Legend complete with tips and tricks for GG by playing it. Good luck!