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Selena Mobile Legends: Hero Mage and Assassin

Released in 2022, Selena Mobile Legends make para gamers amazed. Hero who can play a role Mage at a time Assassin it has a combination skills outstanding. Damage the results are not kidding, accompanied by perfect control abilities.

Story of Selena Mobile Legends

selena mobile legends story

One of Selena’s advantages is that she can change shape like Roger. Both forms are sadistic wizarding monsters. This can not be separated from the background story of Selena. Hero this is told is Dark Elf sacrificed by a demon cult as a sacrifice to Abyss Devil. He was sacrificed to the abyss called Shadow Abyss.

However, a strange thing happened. When the evil magic had taken over almost all of Selena’s body, Abyss Devil don’t take it. Precisely Abyss Devil give him strength Shadow Abyss and accompany him everywhere. This is the power that makes Selena turn into Abyss (Assassin) from a elf (Mage).

Selena Mobile Legends Skills

selena mobile legends skills

Can run two role while making Selena one of them hero most desired. Anything skills What does this beautiful witch have?

Passive Skill: Symbiosis

In both Elf and Abyss forms, the effects of Symbiosis skills Selena’s is the same. Enemies who are attacked in Elf form will receive a mark Abyssal Mark. The mark will be triggered when you attack the enemy in the form of Abyss. Enemy experiencing damage extra magic about 50% of the total power.

However, skills This passive is hard to master because you have to make sure it’s the right time to transform. So, you have to attack in Elf mode first to get the effect after attacking in mode Abyss. Don’t let it be, you just don’t get the benefit damage for forgetting to do these two things.

Skills 1: Abyssal Trap and Soul Eaters

In Elf mode, Selena calls Abyssal Devil to hide. If the enemy is hit by the trap, it arises damage considerable magic. Then, Abyssal Devil will beat the enemy for a while and make movement speed enemies are reduced in just 2 seconds.

The funny thing is, Selena can also hit the trap of the Abyssal Devil. However, no effect will be felt, like damage or slow. This trap can be used 3 times. Skills this will help hero tag the enemy with Abyssal Mark.

On mode Abyss, Selena made an attack with the power of her claws. Effect from skills this is damage great magic. With skills this, Selena can increase OP because she gets shield which absorbs damage enemy.

Skill 2: Abyssal Arrow and Garotte

On mode elfSelena can fire Abyssal Arrow towards the enemy and produce damage magic. Enemies are having effect stun 0.5 second. If the enemy is at the maximum range of this arrow, the impact damage and stun the maximum.

On mode AbyssSelena can attack the enemy and inflict damage for having Garotte skills. There is a chain effect resulting from skills passive Selena. If you attack an enemy who has Abyssal Mark, cooldown skills going straight reset.

Ultimate Skill: Primal Darkness/Blessing of The Mood God

With ultimate skills this, Selena can change form with cooldown for 4 seconds at level 1. When changing, Selena’s movement speed will increase. You can count on skills this is to run away if pressed.

Tips for Using Selena Mobile Legends Effectively

selena mobile legends skin

Then, how to use hero Selena optimally and effectively in the game? Check the following tips.

Spam Skill

Usually, not much hero A powerful mage on early game. Everything depends on build items to survive. However, Selena is hero special. Combination skills produce damage big. With a note, you know what the combinations are skills that needs to be done.

To know that, you can keep doing spam skills when fighting. Thus, Selena Mobile Legends build items is no longer the main thing to pay attention to.

Focus on Jungling

You can use skills Selena Mobile Legends to eradicate forest monsters. For that, you must jungling quickly so as not to lose level with hero carry enemy. After finishing the monsters, do clear lane. Here, you have to prioritize jungling than laning.

Diligent Change Shape

The next strategy is to change shape frequently from Elf to Abyss mode or vice versa. Every time you make changes, Selena will get extra movement.

every change, cooldown skills will also recover. Instead of waiting for the effect cooldown runs out for 12 seconds, it will be more effective if you change form. However, if the level ultimate skills it’s enough, cooldown reduced to 3 seconds so it’s faster.

Calculation Using Skill 2

Skills 2 Selena is very feared because she can hit the enemy at a distance. Effect stun up to 4.5 seconds. This is quite a long time. Uniquely, if the enemy’s distance is getting closer, the effect will be shorter.

However, you have to be calculated when using skills this. Consider the duration cooldown and Mana wastage. Therefore, it is good to use skills 2 Selena at the perfect moment, for example when the team is war.

Take Advantage of the Deadly Combo

To increase Selena’s attack on the enemy, use the right combination. Insert attack skills 2 Elf modes before skills 1 enter stage damage. In this way, you use skills 2 Abyssals 3 times in a row.

Skills 2 modes elf most recommended for you if you want to open an attack. One strike will leave a mark Abyssal on the enemy. If the enemy is not moving, then use skills 2 for consecutive attacks.

So, here are some things that need to be done to maximize the role Selena Mobile Legends, good as Mage nor Assassin. Well, to buy diamonds mobile legends that will be useful in the Mobile Legends game, you can top up first with UniPin. After that, complete hero your favorite so that you can master the game optimally.