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Selena has two modes, this is Karina's sister's gameplay

Selena has two modes, this is Karina’s sister’s gameplay | The author will invite you to discuss about one of the newest heroes released to the advanced server, who is he, let’s see. Not long ago, Moonton finally released Selena to the advanced server, like the story of the two background stories, Selena, who is Karina’s sister, does have quite unique abilities. Like Roger who can change his form from human to monster and vice versa.

Selena has two modes, this is Karina's sister's gameplayFrom the way she walks, if we pay close attention, Selena has almost the same way of walking as Angela, right? besides that selena has 6 skills where there is a passive skill 1 then there are 5 active skills. We will discuss them one by one. Oh, maybe here the author will only discuss the human mode skills first for the monster mode, the next post will be updated.

Selena has two modes, this is Karina's sister's gameplay

Selena has two modes, this is Karina’s sister’s gameplay

The passive skill itself is called Symbiosis, wow, I feel like I’m studying biology, wow. So because Selena has the power of abyss and moon god at the same time Selena can change shape freely. Skills in Elven form (Human mode) will cause an abyssal mark to their opponent and skills in Abyssal form (Monster mode) will use the abyssal mark to deal additional 390-600(+50% Total Magic Power) magical damage.

Abyssal trap

His first skill called Abyssal trap has a cooldown time of 10s and consumes 60 mana. This skill is able to summon the abyssal devil to hide in a certain location if approached by an opponent the abyssal devil will hold them with his body causing 350 (+ 120% Total Magic Power) magical damage to all opponents in the surrounding area. for some time reduces the opponent’s movement speed 40% for 2 seconds.

Abyssal arrow

The second skill called Abyssal arrow has a cooldown of 12s and 70 costs where this skill is able to channel the power of the abyss into magic arrows that are fired in a certain direction. Attacked enemies will receive a stun effect for 0.5 seconds and receive 250(+20% total magic power) magical damage. The duration of stun and damage will increase if the distance of the magic arrow shot is further.

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Primal Darkness

His ultimate skill is called Primal Darkness (Transformation) where this skill can change Selena to Abyssal (Monster) form and make her an assassin. Has a cooldown time of 4s. Selena will merge into one with the abyss into an abyssal form and get an additional 30% movement speed for a while, Selena will also be able to use two new skills from skill 1 and skill 2 which the author will discuss in the next post. Here’s the gameplay:

So what do you guys think? so selena is a hero mage/assassin whose abilities are quite unique. If you are a roger user, maybe selena’s abilities are not that far from roger’s. The difference is that roger is a hybrid of marksman/fighter, and selena is a hybrid of mage/assassin. If they fight, which one will they win? ha ha.