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Quick and Easy Way to Top Up Lokapala Game

One of the games released in 2022 is the Lokapala game. But this is not just any game, because Lokapala is a MOBA game made by the nation’s children. Yes, that’s right, this game was made by a game developer from Indonesia. Now in December 2022, you can top up this game on UniPin.

In this article, we will discuss how to quickly and easily top up this MOBA Lokapala game.

About Lokapala Game, MOBA Game Made in Indonesia

Lokapala: Saga of the Six Realms is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. Developed by Anantarupa Studios, a game developer studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia, this is the first MOBA Esports from Indonesia that is inspired by Indonesian mythology, history and culture.

As of this writing, Lokapala has been downloaded and installed more than 1,000,000 times. Currently, this game has a rating of 4.2 on Google Play.

The attraction of the Lokapala game is that it features elements of Indonesian culture. Even some of the hero characters were adapted from the “high rankings” of the Majapahit kingdom. There is a hero named Nala (Fighter) who acts as a Navy Admiral from Majapahit, who helps Jinno (Tanker) as mahapatih.

Just like in other MOBA games, players can also make purchases of in-game currency. The difference is, if it is usually referred to as diamond, then in the Lokapala game, the game currency is referred to as “Citrine”.

Top Up Citrine Lokapala on UniPin

Gamers can of course take advantage of the UniPin service to top up their favorite games. Including for the Lokapala game. Since December 2022, the Lokapala game has been available and can be directly topped up via UniPin. Here are the steps for purchasing Citrine Lokapala using UniPin.

  1. Please visit the page top up game Lokapala on the UniPin website.
  2. Next enter user id your game, then select the Citrine denomination to be filled. There are nominal options from 8 Citrine to 1900 Citrine.
  3. Then you can choose the payment method that is the easiest and most convenient for you. You can pay using bank transfer, payment via virtual accountonline payments, and various other payment methods.
  4. Complete the transaction and later Citrine will enter your game up lokapala

Apart from Lokapala, you can also purchase various diamonds/other game currencies on UniPin. You can also purchase diamonds for other popular games such as:

  • freefire,
  • mobile legends,
  • AOV,
  • and others.

To keep up with the latest updates about the Lokapala game, you can also regularly follow and monitor the game’s Instagram on the @lokapala_moba account. On the Instagram account, Lokapala often shares various information. Starting from about events and game updates, game tips, and various other interesting info.

IG lokapala

Well, that’s the guide to top up the Lokapala game. Good luck and happy gaming!