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Quick and Easy Way to Buy Games on Play Store For Beginners

Do you like playing games? Want to make a good and fun game purchase? Well, one of them you can take advantage of Google Play services (Play Store). In this article, we will discuss how to quickly and easily buy games on Google Play.

Easy Ways to Buy Games on Google Play

Here are the steps to make a game purchase on the Play Store.

  1. Find out and determine first what game you will buy.
  2. If you don’t know what game to buy, you can explore Google Play first. To make your search easier, you can use the category feature or the search feature available on the Play category on google play
  3. After knowing the game to buy, open the game.choose the game to buy
  4. On the game page you will find a purchase button. There is also listed the price of the game. Click the purchase button.purchase button
  5. Then you can specify the payment method to be used. There are payment methods using a credit/debit card, using GoPay, and redeem code. If you don’t have a credit/debit card, then you can use a third payment games on google play
  6. To get the code, you can use the Google Play voucher code. We will discuss more about Google Play voucher codes in a moment.
  7. After specifying the payment method, complete the transaction.

Google Play Voucher Code is a voucher code that can later be exchanged on Google Play. Furthermore, you can use the balance to purchase various items on Google Play. Starting from buying games, applications, books, and more. This Google Play voucher can be an alternative payment for those of you who don’t have a credit card. Because you can buy Google Play voucher codes using various payment methods, for example using:

  • Pulse cut method (using pulse),
  • Use bank transfer,
  • Use payment via virtual account bank (such as BCA virtual accounts, Mandiri virtual accounts, BRI virtual accounts, BNI, and others).

To get a Google Play voucher code, you can make a purchase on UniPin.

How to Buy Google Play Vouchers on UniPin

Here are the steps for purchasing a Google Play voucher code on UniPin.

  1. Visit the purchase page Google Play voucher code.
  2. Next, specify the nominal voucher code that you will buy. We recommend that you choose a voucher nominal that is close to the price of the game you were going to buy earlier.
  3. Then choose the easiest and most practical payment method for google play vouchers on unipin
  4. If so, complete the transaction on UniPin. Later you will get a voucher code that you can exchange on Google Play.
  5. After you get the voucher code, hurry up redeem on Google Play. Later you can use it to buy games.

So, those are the steps to buy games on the Play Store. Good luck.

Also Enjoy Various Other Best Games on Play Store

In addition to enjoying paid games, you can also enjoy various other free games on the Play Store. To make it easier for you to get the best and fun games, here are some tips.

  • Pay attention to the rating of the game. Usually good games will get a high rating.
  • Pay attention to the number of reviews and the content of the review. Read first the reviews from users who have played the game. Positive reviews/comments can be a sign that the game is interesting to play.
  • You can also take advantage of the recommendations provided by Google Play. Google Play often groups games into various recommendations. Like for example: top free games, top grossing games, new releasesand play recommendation

In playing the game, of course you need to buy diamonds, credits, or in-game currency. Now for easy and practical online game top up needs, you can use the UniPin service. UniPin has features flash top up. You can use this feature to fill up various diamonds/game credits quickly and practically.

Not only that, just by using one UniPin account you can top up various other Android games from one place. Of course this is very interesting and a solution for gamers. So, let’s immediately create an account on UniPin and use the best features.