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Practical Ways to Exchange Point Blank Vouchers Into Cash

Hobby to play games computer based on line like Point Blank? You must be familiar with the term Point Blank vouchers and Point Blank Cash. This is like a currency that can be used to buy various accessories for fighting in the Point Blank game. Therefore, before playing, you must first do top up balance in the account held.

To do top up point blank cashthere are various ways that you can take, starting from making payments online on line or transfer virtual accountthe method of cutting credit, making payments at Indomaret or Alfamart, completing transactions by SMS/Internet bankingto use a credit card.

Use of Point Blank Vouchers

Tokopedia point blank vouchers

Do all Troopers have to buy vouchers in order to play games Point Blank on their device? This question is reasonable to ask, especially if you are still a beginner in playing games FPS genre (first person shooter) the.

Actually, you don’t need to pay to download or register a Point Blank account. However, you need PB Cash, which is the result redeem vouchers, to buy characters and weapons as well as various accessories needed to play Point Blank.

Each weapon has different advantages. The more expensive the weapons purchased, the higher their effectiveness. That is, the ability to deal with the enemy will be better. The chances of winning in the competition are even greater. That is why, Troopers are competing to buy certain weapons or accessories.

Even if you buy a weapon with PB Cash, you can’t use it forever. However, there is a set period of time, ranging from 3 days, 7 days, to 30 days. The amount of PB Cash that must be exchanged varies depending on the time period.

How to Get a Point Blank Voucher

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Then how to get vouchers Point Blank to be paid later until you can get PB Cash?

When viewed from the shape, there are two types vouchers issued by Point Blank, namely physical and electronic. Vouchers You can usually get physical at the nearest internet cafe that provides services online game. Vouchers physically contains 16 serial numbers which will later be exchanged into PB Cash.

Nominal vouchers Currently available physical items are IDR 10,000 (1200 PB Cash), IDR 20,000 (2400 PB Cash), IDR 50,000 (6000 PB Cash), and IDR 100,000 (12000 PB Cash).

Meanwhile, vouchers Electronic data can be obtained through the Point Blank website. Here are the steps you need to do.

  • Open the website Select the Reseller Voucher menu at the very top.
  • On this new page, there are two options available, namely PB Voucher Reseller or PB E-pin Reseller.
  • If you choose PB Voucher Reseller, there are various contact numbers you can call to get the voucher. These voucher providers are located in various cities in Indonesia, starting from Java and other islands.
  • If you choose PB E-pin Reseller, you can choose several payment platforms that provide services, one of which is UniPin.

How to Exchange a Point Blank Voucher

shopee point blank vouchers

After getting the code vouchersthe next step is to pay to get PB Cash according to the denomination vouchers purchased. How to exchange code vouchers it is not difficult.

First, you can do redeem through the Point Blank website or using a site that is a payment gateways, like UniPin.

If you choose the option to the Point Blank website, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Open the website
  • Select the Point Blank Voucher option. Enter code vouchers in the form of 12 serial numbers in the column provided.
  • Then, proceed to payment.

After paying vouchers purchased, you can purchase PB Cash via UniPin, here are the steps you can take.

  • Open the website, choose the Point Blank Cash Zepetto logo.
  • Enter the User ID you are using.
  • Choose the denomination according to the voucher you have, which is between 1200 PB Cash, 2400 PB Cash, 6000 PB Cash, 12000 PB Cash, 24000 PB Cash, 36000 PB Cash, and 60000 PB Cash.
  • Then, select channel Voucher payment. This is one of the channel available on UniPin in addition to payment on linetransfer virtual accountcut credit, Indomaret/Alfamart, Internet/SMS Banking, and credit cards.
  • Next, enter information in the form of 12 serial number codes vouchers previously paid.
  • Also enter your account PIN number into the column provided. Then, confirm. PB Cash will immediately enter your Point Blank account.

Advantages of Using Point Blank Vouchers

free zapetto point blank vouchers

To make purchases of various items in Point Blank, you can use vouchers or directly buy PB Cash in the available menu. However, there are several advantages that you can get if you choose the option vouchersthat is:

You have the opportunity to get a number of promos when buying PB Cash in the form of vouchers, both physical and electronic. Promos are usually given at certain moments, for example to welcome the upcoming tournament. If you do direct top uppromotions usually do not apply.

There are various ways you can try to get vouchers Point Blank. One of them, through the site e-commerce Tokopedia. You just need to find a menu that offers vouchers Special Tokopedia Point Blank gamesthen make transactions until payment.

  • Buying By Budget

By using vouchersyou do top up based on available budget. For Zepetto Point Blank vouchers for Rp. 10,000 for example, you will get 1200 PB Cash, Rp. 20,000 for 2400 PB Cash, and so on.

After buying vouchersyou can choose to save it first before paying or using it.

Turns out, bought Point Blank vouchers to play online game quite a lot done by the Troopers in order to get these benefits. How about you, are you interested in playing Point Blank? Consider using vouchers or do top up immediately as needed.