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Official! Genshin Impact to Collaborate with Horizon Zero Dawn

After giving a big update to region Inazuma is an exclusive character for the area, Genshin Impact again offers a surprise to players through its collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn starting in the upcoming 2.1 patch.

Collaboration Genshin Impact x Horizon Zero Dawn produces a character named Aloy from the Nora tribe that you can get for free for all platforms including PC, PlayStation and Mobile.

Official!  Genshin Impact to Collaborate with Horizon Zero Dawn

For PlayStation 4 and 5 users, you can get the Aloy character provided that you have reached Adventure Rank LV.20 and above via in-game messages after logging in to patch 2.1. Meanwhile, other platforms, both PC and mobile, can only try this character in version 2.2.

Following in the footsteps of Horizon Zero Dawn, the legendary hunter Aloy from the game Horizon Zero Dawn will join the ranks of 5-star characters in Genshin Impact with a 4-star bow-type weapon.

Official!  Genshin Impact to Collaborate with Horizon Zero Dawn

Quote from press releaseAloy is known as an outcast, seeker and hunter from the Nora tribe who saves life on earth in the game Horizon Zero Dawn. In appearance, Nora looks like a viking nation with her trademark blonde hair.

As for the gameplay itself, Aloy is blessed with Vision Cryo with the ability to manipulate elements to help him explore.

This collaboration is the first time for Genshin Impact with an ip game outside of their creation, considering that they previously presented a collaboration similar to Honkai Impact 3rd.

Both Genshin Impact and Horizon Zero Dawn both carry the RPG concept with the theme of adventure in a fantasy world, both games have won various awards from well-known gaming community events.