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Not Everyone Knows, This is the Secret to Using Fanny Mobile Legend to Pro

Fanny is hero which is unique. With weapons cable his, the player must also know the trick so that it doesn’t happen feeder in the arena. Because, Fanny Mobile Legend can have extraordinary power if you know how to play.

Story about Fanny, Favorite Assassin Hero in ML

story about fanny hero assassin favorite in ml

Having a beautiful face with beautiful hair, Fanny in Mobile Legend is an ordinary human who has a dream to be able to fly. To make this happen, he created a cable made of steel that could pull him up as if he were flying between mountains. He continued to practice in order to master the control of the steel cable.

Fanny is the sister of Tigreal who is a tank heroes. He tries hard to be elite assassin in the Imperial Knights Order. With his agility, hero who has the nickname Blade of Freedom does have the ability to destroy enemies in a short time.

Fanny’s agility is what makes her move easily lane so you can farming with satisfactory results at the beginning to the middle games. With steel cable and her ability to escape, Fanny should be hero ideal for attacking turret. However, again, skills this must be learned how to use it so as not to be “victim” when attacking turret enemy.

Because Fanny will “speed” to level up and farming in early games, by mid-battle his level will be above the rest of the team. That’s why he can kill hero enemy in one hit. In essence, take advantage of Fanny’s ability to escape immediately after attacking. If you get a counterattack and you don’t run away quickly, Fanny can stun even disband crowd control-his.

Fanny’s Combo Skill Recommendation to GG Every Time

Recommended fanny skill combo so that it doesn't work every time

In order to be GG, you have to know first skill set what Fanny has and how to use it. Here’s a list skills owned by Fanny, from passive to ultimate.

Passive Skill: Air Superiority

When flying Fanny can generate 15% – 30% damage for the enemy, depending on the speed. It leaves a Prey Mark that can be stacked up to two times. Enemies marked with a Prey Mark can give Fanny +10 energy regeneration and +20 if the mark is stacked 2.

Skill 1: Tornado Strike

time cool down skills this varies from 2.5 to 3.5 seconds. Consuming 25 energy, Fanny will spin her sword and produce total physical attack by +90% of physical damage on the nearest enemy.

Skill 2: Steel Cable

is skills Fanny’s mainstay. This is his favorite way of flying, by slinging steel cables to the nearest mooring. Every 2 seconds, if used correctly, will cut energy consumption by 1 and change the direction of Fanny’s flight. Tornado Strike can be triggered if Fanny encounters an enemy while flying with steel cable and have sufficient energy.

Skill 3: Cut Throat

Skills this is what can give burst damage for Fanny’s enemies. As ultimate skills, Cut Throat gives +240% extra physical attack for physical damage on the enemy. Time cool down-Its duration is about 30 seconds and takes up 30 energy. Damage will increase again by about 20% if he attacks the enemy with the Prey Mark left by the Passive Skill.

If you want combo and damage in one shot, the order of use is to attack with Skill 2, continue to use Skill 3 or ultimate, return to Skill 1, then escape using Skill 2. Combo This will incapacitate the enemy without giving them time to strike back.

Build Items Must Have for Fanny

a must-have build item for fanny

As discussed earlier, Fanny in Mobile Legend can be a hero which have damage which hurts if the items are used right. Here’s what you need to buy before you can GG use Fanny.

Raptor Machete

As hero good one farming, You have to equip Fanny with the right weapons. Raptor Machete will add +30 physical attack and +15% physical penetration. Plus the attribute +50% damage when dealing with monsters.

Warrior Boots

This item adds physical defense Fanny is +22. Meanwhile, his unique passive is to add 5 to 25 physical defense if Fanny accepts basic attack for 3 seconds. In addition, this item also provides a unique passive in the form of +40 movement speed.

Bloodlust Ax

Items attack Bloodlust Ax can give Fanny +70 physical attack, +10% cool down time reduction, and +20% spell vamp.

Blade of Despair

As an item defense, Blade of Despair earns +170 physical attack and +5% movement speed. However, Blade of Despair can also be replaced with Queen’s Wings which gives +15 physical attacks, +1,000 HP, and reduces cool down as much as 10%.

Athena’s Shield

One more item defense which is suitable for Fanny Mobile Legend which can be used against magic attacks. The ability of this item is to add +500 HP, +20 HP regeneration, and +62 magical defense. The unique passive adds shield Fanny of 170 – 1150 every 30 seconds.


After being active farming at the beginning games and attack in the middle games, time to build defense strong in late games. By buying Immortality, you add +800 HP and +40 physical defense for Fanny. This item’s unique passive helps Fanny revive within 2 seconds after being eliminated by the opponent. In addition, Fanny gains 15% HP and shield absorption of 300 – 1000 damage.

Three Secrets to Be Good at Using Fanny

three secrets to be good at using fanny

Many have given up on using Fanny because they don’t know how to use it. One of the keys is not to rush because Fanny is hero which is not easy to master. Check out the following tips, so that GG is with your team!

  1. Don’t go down to the arena right away if it’s the first time you use Fanny

If it’s your first time using Fanny Mobile Legend, you should practice first at custom fashion or against AI. Learn how to use cables until you know how to route them and get more than one cable out at a time.

  1. Memorize the Position of the Wall

Fanny’s movements depended heavily on the wall because she had to jump from wall to wall to tie the cable. So, you have to know the position of the wall so you don’t run out of places to move.

  1. Farming in Early Game, Kill in Late Game

One of the initial mistakes in using Fanny in Mobile Legend was wasteful skills moment early game. Well, take advantage of the energy at the beginning to farming and level up Fanny. After entering the middle of the game, focus on kill and defense so that Fanny’s power is not wasted.

Well, that’s the list skills and tips for playing Fanny so that you can GG every time you are new. The key is patience and practice before actually jumping into the arena and getting savage with the team!